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Dec, 2012      |     By Anil Kumar, Ujjwal Chaudhry

Key trends in Indian Imaging Equipment market

Indian Imaging equipment market is growing at 14% CAGR

Anil Kumar


Ujjwal Chaudhry

associate director

650 Mn USD Indian Imaging equipment market is growing at 14% CAGR

India Imaging Equipment Market
In USD Million (2010- 2018)

MRI and CT Scan account for 40-50% of Imaging equipment market

Market Share by modality In % (2012)

Indian imaging market is following the typical 'emerging markets path'

Lessons from other emerging market industries % Market Share (2000-08; China Mobile Market)

Local companies are capturing market by selling refurbished equipment

New vs refurbished equipment % Market Share (2012)

....despite multiple issues faced by customers

Customer issues Refurbished equipment

Local companies sell more aggressively compared to MNCs

Local companies- sales strategy Key points

It is important to understand local dynamics for an effective sales strategy

Structured sales approach and differentiated offerings can increase sales

Increasing sales effectiveness Key points

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