May, 2017     

Mobile Wallets – Q1CY’17 performance review

This is an excerpt from the document that covers the performance of Indian Mobile Wallets Industry (e.g. Paytm Business Model) for Q1 Calendar Year 2017 it from business metrics, consumer and partner restaurant side.

Indian Mobile Wallets Market

• A comprehensive performance review of the Mobile Wallet market
• Assessed through a regularly tracked set of performance indicators like the Paytm Business Model
• Published quarterly

What is in this report?

1.This report includes a comprehensive assessment of Indian mobile wallet sector performance (e.g. Paytm Growth) across five key dimensions

2.Each key dimension is rated on whether the sector performed above expectations (Bullish ), broadly as per expectation (Neutral ) or significantly worse than expectations (Bearish ) on that dimension

3.Each key dimension is further built up from multiple subdimensions, which are also rated for the sector using the above criteria 

Research Methodology

RedSeer's Integrated Research ApproachTM incorporating the following:

1. Primary Interviews with nearly 500 Sellers in 4 metros every quarter

2. Primary Interviews with nearly 500 customers in 8 cities every quarter 

Indian Mobile Wallets Market Q1-CY17- Executive Summary

Q1-CY17 carried forward the momentum of Q4'16 as the effect of demonetization continued to surge ahead (as seen in Paytm Growth) for the mobile wallet market

  • Demonetization provided a push for the online wallet industry &
    boosted the mobile wallet sector with a high growth of 81% in
    volume from Q4'16  
  • Average transaction value decreased in Q1'17 by 12% from
    Q4'16 as users kept identifying small value everyday bills rather
    than just high value remittances
  •  Overall seller satisfaction showed an increase from Q4'16 to
    Q1'17 as mobile wallets gained a significant share of their daily
    transactions (e.g Paytm Gmv)
  •  Customer usage showed a significant increase in market share
    of utilities sector as customers become used to wallet
    transactions for everyday bills
  •  Customer satisfaction decreased slightly in Q1'17 from Q4'16 as
    the efforts of mobile wallet companies in user interface and user
    experience were not appreciated by a larger customer base

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