May, 2017     

Online Food Delivery Platforms – Q1CY’17 performance review

This is an excerpt from the document that covers the performance of Food Tech Market for Q1 Calendar Year 2017 it from business metrics, consumer and partner restaurant side.

Online Food Delivery Market maintains momentum in Q1'17

•  A comprehensive performance review of the online food delivery market
•  Assessed through a regularly tracked set of performance indicators for the Food Tech Market
•  Published quarterly

What is in this report?

1.We have done a comprehensive assessment of Indian online food delivery market (Freshmenu Gmv, Curefit Gmv, Foodpanda Gmv, Faasos Gmv,etc.) performance across six key dimensions

2. Each key dimension is rated on whether the Food Tech Market performed above expectations (Bullish ), broadly as per expectation (Neutral ) or significantly worse than expectations (Bearish ) on that dimension

3. Each key dimension is further built up from multiple sub-dimensions, which are also rated for the sector using the above criteria

4. Relevant weightages are allocated to each sub-dimension to build up the key dimension rating, and each key dimension is also given an appropriate weight to arrive at overall sector performance rating

Research Methodology

RedSeer's Integrated Research ApproachTM incorporating the following:

1. Tracks the large Online food delivery market size of 5,000+ monthly online transactions

2. Primary Interviews with 500+ restaurants in 4+ cities every quarter

3. Primary Interviews with 1,000+ customers every quarter 

Executive Summary Indian Online Food Delivery Market: Growth continues in Q1 2017

India's online food delivery market (Freshmenu Gmv, Curefit Gmv, Foodpanda Gmv, Faasos Gmv,etc.) saw a rapid growth in the order volume coupled with higher seller satisfaction while reduction in delivery cost improved the overall unit economics of the sector

  • The Q1'2017 saw an increase in the total orders by 32% from 230,000 to 304,000 while AOV increased marginally
  • Customer adoption saw a growth in Online food delivery market size with rise of new users on the platform leading to reduction in the repeat use and orders per customer
  • Reduction in delivery incentives played a key role in improving the unit economics of the sector
  • Higher Online food delivery market share of Own/3PL delivery helped in marginal improvement of compliance and delivery time
  • Although the overall customer satisfaction has remained same
    at 20%, satisfaction with on time delivery has improved
  • Partner satisfaction has improved by 900 bps in Q1'2017
    buoyed by the growth in business but timely resolution of
    queries and complaints still remains a concern

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