Oct, 2018     

Room for millennials in a $4 billion industry

Room for millennials in a $4 billion industry

A report on the Indian mid segment hotel industry


As of FY 2018, the total room inventory in India reached ~2.64 million rooms with the chain affiliated inventory making up ~11% of the supply. With the expansion of various international and Indian domestic chains, the chain affiliated inventory has grown at a fast pace between 2016 and 2018 with the mid segment and economy hotels growing at a faster rate.

This trend is expected to continue to cater to a growing demand for hotels in these segments. Given the lucrativeness of the mid segment hotel market, players are innovating with technology and new operating models to capture a piece of the pie. Apart from focusing on traditional performance metrics like occupancy, average room rate and gross operating profit, players are looking to offer the right value proposition to the stakeholders and build a strong network of hotels across geographies.

The report details out the total market size and the share of the mid segment with in it. It identifies the key players in this segment and deep dives to analyse their capabilities, key metrics and future trends.