Jun, 2018     

The Rise of US $50 Billion e-Bazaar

Flipkart-Walmart deal has been a landmark moment in the history of e-tailing. Since its humble beginnings in 2000, e-tailing has come a long way. The growth story of the industry in the last 10 years has been nothing less than remarkable. While the growth had slowed down between 2014-2016 due to multiple factors like DIPP regulations and demonetization, 2017 has seen a turnaround for the industry.

E-tailing has not been just a growth story but also a story of innovation. Indian conditions presented challenges which were not seen before in other countries but successful players in the space have constantly re-invented themselves. Among other things, e-tailers have created supply chain and payments solutions that have also impacted other industries

Now, as the two large players dominate the ecosystem, the industry is at an important juncture. It is important to understand how the industry has evolved so far and where it is heading. With deep expertise in this space, RedSeer has been able to provide an in-depth perspective on the industry in this report.


The Rise of US $50 Billion e-Bazaar


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