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Dec, 2010      |     By Anil Kumar, Ujjwal Chaudhry

Traffic Safety Market

Indian Traffic Safety Market is Pegged at USD 99 Million

Anil Kumar


Ujjwal Chaudhary

associate director

Key Assumptions and Background

  • This analysis is for road reflective products
  • The analysis does not cover reflective linings on the vehicles
  • Market sizing has been done for primary manufacturers (e.g. 3M) for reflective surfaces, this does not include the cost of fabrication and end product cost
  • Market size has been calculated by adding the revenues of leading manufacturers
  • Revenue of individual companies has been collected through primary research on key business leaders in respective companies
  • Reflective lining of vehicles is considered to be highly unorganized with 70% to 80% of the market being commanded by Chinese imports. 3M and Avery Dennison command the organized market through their tie-ups with OEMs

Traffic Safety Market - Key components

Indian Road Network Highlights

Indian Traffic Safety Market is Pegged at USD 99 Million

Reflective Surfaces and Paints account for the major pie of traffic safety market

NHAI1 is the Single Biggest user of traffic Safety Market

Contractors charge premium on the materials bought from manufacturers

Key Drivers for traffic safety products in India

  • Growth of Private Sector: 90% of the NHAI projects are executed by private contractors. Increased awareness among the project directors has led to increased demand of quality reflective products
  • Long Life of Products: Due to proven long life of high quality reflective products, companies have been able to ask premium from government. Creating a cost effective solution in traffic safety product category
  • Technological Advances: Recent technological advances have helped resolving some of the key pain areas in Indian context
  • ncreasing Spend on Infrastructure: Union government has allocated 46% of total budget expense on Infrastructure. Roads account for a key portion of this budget, amounting to ~10 KM of new roads every day

Key Stakeholders and influencers

Key Specification Code For Reflective Products

Key Competitors In india Reflective Products Market

Key Competitors In india Reflective Products Market

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