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Driving the $25 Bn Digital Economy – Decoding Key Trends in Logistics

Published in Sep, 2020

Executive Summary

Enabling the USD 25Bn Digital Economy

This report gives the reader an outline of India’s logistics industry. It begins with an overview of the industry wherein it discusses the different stages of e-commerce logistics channels. It then goes on to evaluate the total market size and the evolution of the industry till 2024. The reports also assesses the fulfilment and hyperlocal opportunity now and what it’s estimated to be in 2024. Finally, it concludes with case studies on some of the leading players in the industry.

This report also covers sector-level insights such as logistics business model as well as player-level insights such as or related to Delhivery business model, Rivigo business model, Blackbuck business model, Blackbuck revenue and Shadowfax business model, among others.