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indian ecommerce market

Neobanking in India The Matrix Upgraded

reports | Apr, 2022

India retail banking is poised for disruption as neobanks look to revolutionise personal banking experience


growth of ecommerce in india


Over USD 60 Billion of internet GMV has trusted our new age data driven approach to create better products, strategy and customer experiences.

management consulting firms

Private Equity

Over 200 engagements with Private equity funds across the value chain. Helping them assess the sector, opportunity and value creation for portfolio.

top consulting firms in india

Growth Delivered

More than 200 clients across the sectors have trusted us on creating their growth strategies. Our CXO agenda is sharp, research driven and actionable.


e commerce investors in india

Influencing On The Way Up!

newsletters | Aug, 2022

Influencer marketing partnerships have worked as a win-win for both brands and influencers in Indonesia

e commerce investors in india

Could India Be the Poster Kid for New eCommerce Models?

newsletters | Aug, 2022

New eCommerce models are catering to unsolved consumer needs that we never even knew existed

e commerce investors in india

Travel has arrived

newsletters | Aug, 2022

The sector is 10x more digital than others and expected to become even more digital


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