Challenge the Unchallenged

Work with a band of strategy consultants who have disrupted the 100+ year old legacy consulting industry

We all know that the company we keep reflects us

We are a focused group of hustlers with an entrepreneurial mindset and an appetite to grow without the fear of risk. We look to hire high performing like-minded individuals, thus creating an excellent peer group to learn and work with.

We help you grow better

We encourage the pursuit of personal and professional growth. The pathway to success is to create a balance.

Challenge the legacy

Work with a band of young consultants building swifter and transformative solutions

Diversity in exposure

Expand your knowledge by working for a diverse set of industries

Work with CXOs

100% client-facing roles. Work on strategy alongside leaders 

World class teams

Learn from the best team that hustles to win any challenge

Vibrant Workplace

Work in a campus-like, lively, energetic, and motivated environment 

Global exposure

Work with our overseas team and global partner consulting firms

Who will you find at Redseer

  • "My Journey with Redseer is almost completing 4 years now. The wide array of problems you get to solve, high level of client exposure from early on in your career, new-age digital economy focus and undisputed thought leadership in these sectors, are some of the key highlights of Redseer experience. Our greatest strength definitely is the kind of people we have who are able to drive the firm through this phase of hyper-growth."

    Akshay Jayaprakasan

    Sr Engagement Manager

  • "In Redseer, I get the opportunity to work on a large diverse set of projects in all segments and had a real-time learning through them which helped me to grow within the company. Also, the people around you are very supportive and if i have to summarise my experience - I will say that Redseer offers one of the the best exposure a consultant can think of "

    Amit Kapoor


  • "My time at Redseer has been associated with a tremendous amount of learning. The high-growth environment of the organization coupled with opportunities and an erudite team to support has been a super enriching experience for me. I am ever grateful for the challenges, big and small that I was called upon to help solve for they’ve molded my experience in a significant manner. I am excited for the journey ahead."

    Rini Joshua


  • "I joined Redseer after a mixed experience at other consulting firms, and it turned out to be the best I could think of. I have had the opportunity to advise the most innovative companies on growth through the economic headwinds, both in India and abroad. The chance of being a thought leader in the transformative digital economy has been a truly challenging and enriching experience for me."

    Kanishka Mohan

    Associate Partner

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Redseer does not charge any fees from candidates for the recruitment process. Please be aware of any unauthorized individuals or agencies claiming to represent Redseer and requesting payment for employment opportunities.