Sep, 2017     

Lending Market and Target Segment Assessment

To understand the MSME segment in India and their financing needs vs supply and their awareness and satisfaction with financing offerings. And map the supply side comprehensively including the regulatory aspects and competitive scenario to identify supply gaps. Resulting in Identification of opportunities which can be exploited by the client.

We reached out to our experts in Fin-tech space and the current players in the market the understand the MSME segment. Then we identified the total size of the market categorizing it by services and industries. We then identified the current offerings of the market and the ways in which the MSME fulfill the current lending needs. We also did competitor landscaping for the client to help them understand the offerings of the different players in the segment.  Thereafter, we assessed the current needs of these MSMEs by conducting interviews on 250+ MSME owners across metros T1 and T2 cities to understand their behaviour and satisfaction with current offerings in the market.

The findings and insights were used by the client to identify the current gaps in the market and understand the current needs of the target segment. The client was thus able to improvise on the current offerings to suit it better for the target segment.