Oct, 2017     

Growth & new International markets entry strategy for a 6000+ chain new-age travel brand

To assist the travel brand in identifying potential international market for expansion and help with the overall market entry strategy. To identify the attractive geographies in terms of potential market size. To identify the current & future growth drivers for those identified market. To understand how big the supply-side is and what are their constraints. To understand the regulatory frameworks and their impact assessment on the business.

After discussion with our global experts and analysis of the research KPIs potential countries were shortlisted. We then identified the countries conducive for market entry based on the regulatory assessment from the experts of the country. We then conducted a prime trade interviews with hotel owners and consumer interviews with tourists staying in the hotels of these identified markets for demand and supply dynamics along with future prospects. We also conducted discussions with industry experts to understand the market and trade dynamics in the identified markets.

The findings and recommendations were used by the client to identify multiple micro-markets across 5 geographies for expansion. The analysis helped the client prepare a market entry strategy for the selected markets and connect with potential partners