consulting firms in india Private Equity funds and VCs have taken a great initiative in shaping major businesses in and around the nation. Funds take great interest in contributing and collaborating with emerging initiatives and business plans with thorough research work. One such study is where we helped a fund assess the Physical Education market and conducted competitor benchmarking to develop a future growth roadmap and market entry strategy for its portfolio. We also focused on understanding the key strategies implemented by the competitors of the portfolio and assessed the customer needs and identified the gaps in the market for portfolio to create a niche.

While conducting the study, we conducted in-depth interviews with the management of top competitors to understand their product portfolio and market positioning. We did ecosystem analysis by conducting expert interviews to understand the supply constraints and partner service portfolio. We conducted secondary research using industry reports, annual reports etc. We also conducted interviews with industry experts in order to benchmark the pricing and profile of various players. We reached out to the target consumers to understand their needs and expectations from the various players in the industry.

The interviews were carried out with the experts from Physical Education and related sectors to gather insights. Pilot testing was done in some phases to find out some potential sectors that could witness growth in the future and identifying opportunistic areas that are worth investing. Physical education is one sector which has seen an increasing awareness because of the inclination of the people towards fitness. Some secondary research on the sector gave some insights about a few categorization points based on the areas that could witness some probable growth in the future.

The market readiness for Physical Education was one of the main attributes that was worked on for the client. Benchmarking various competitors was made to understand the position of the client compared to other players.

The findings and insights from the engagement were used by the portfolio firm to improvise the existing business model and execute the growth strategy devised. The insights helped the portfolio understand the gaps in the market and create a product offering to satisfy the needs of the consumers.