The objective was to conduct a comprehensive due diligence exercise focusing on the target — an online rummy platform — in the real money gaming market. Specifically, we had to assess the commercial viability of the target in addition to identifying potential growth opportunities.

To do with the analysis, we followed a five-step plan. The first step was to conduct a macroeconomic analysis of the market, identifying the market potential for the industry in the target geography. The next step was to understand the landscape of the target market to identify the characteristics of the players already operating and how the target is positioned in the competition benchmarking. By conducting in-depth discussions with our experts in the field, we were able to understand the competitors, what is unique about them and the overall market size of the RMG segment. We also looked at how the online gaming market is poised to grow in the next five years and which sub-sectors would be driving this growth. We then went on to assess the current regulatory scenario and its implications on the RMG space. Finally, feedback from customers helped us perform a need-gap analysis, identifying the key current and potential customer segments of the target.

The findings and recommendation from the research were used by the client to assess the investment opportunity and to develop a deep understanding of the online gaming landscape in India and its key sustainability levers.