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Our client one of the largest e-tailing players in India wanted to benchmark its customer satisfaction with the competitors and understand the satisfaction across key parameters. The secondary aim was to understand the customer experience and behaviour during the ordering process across different e-tailing platforms. RedSeer helped them in finding out insights on these parameters using primary research, with strong findings.

E-tailing industry is an industry where customer experience and satisfaction are the key parameters which determine the leaders. We decided to go forward with a survey-based approach to analyse the consumer behaviour and satisfaction. The first step was to identify a clear target customer segment to administer the survey. Following discussions with the client and our experts on e-tail segment, we were able to come up with a target customer base. After this, we conducted in-depth interviews with 10 customers to get an initial understanding of the behaviour and understanding, giving us a base input to design a well-structured questionnaire. Our team designed the questionnaire with key information areas required for analysis to map the consumer journey beginning from the awareness of the product to post-delivery feedbacks. We covered all the steps in this process including browsing alternatives, placing an order, order-tracking and order delivery. The survey was pilot tested across a few consumers to get further inputs in improving the questionnaire.

The finalized questionnaire was administered to about 3000 customers spread across various metros, Tier-1 and Tier-2 Cities in India and the responses were recorded. Before conducting statistical analysis on the final survey data, our team formulated a certain hypothesis which was to be tested. After data collection and cleaning, our team analysed the data for statistical testing of previously formed hypotheses gaining several inputs and insights which were shared with our client.

The findings and insights were used by our client to benchmark themselves versus the competition on the basis of customer satisfaction. They were able to identify the areas where the competing firms were performing better than the client. The client was also able to see the trends in the current consumer behaviour when browsing across e-tailing platforms. This aided our client to strategize and focus on the key areas for improving overall consumer satisfaction and in-turn affect consumer behaviour on the client’s platform.