The objective was to develop long-tang commercial plan (LRP) for the client in education credential
evaluation market and adjacent segments.

We took a three-step approach to solve for the client.

Step 1: We conducted a working session with key stakeholders in the client organization. We understood the As-Is of the client and baselined its business operations, financial aspirations, and laid out the key objectives to achieve through the LRP.

Step 2: We carried out in-depth interviews with the policymakers in the United States, Universities in US and Canada and in emerging economy. We understood the addressable opportunity in the academic credentials evaluation market and prioritised key geographies by tracking the migrant student countries of origin and destination.

Step 3: We conducted a robust 5000+ student research in US, Canada, India, China and Philippines. We benchmarked client NPS across different geographies and touchpoints and indexed key dissatisfactions of customers.

The LRP recommendations helped client explore the growth opportunity (organic and inorganic) and accordingly plan its resource (monetary & non-monetary) allocation to achieve the 5 years financial goals