The objective is to help a major fund assess the ride-hailing landscape in Indonesia and conduct competitive benchmarking of key players across business metrics, operational metrics, customer satisfaction & driver satisfaction.
To start with analysis, we had 3 steps plan. The first step was the Segregation of areas basis use-cases such as commercial/residential/airports etc., narrowing down on these areas’ basis traffic trends & cab availability, finalizing 30+ areas for surveys basis the above. The next involved running of ~2000 surveys of cab & bike driver in these areas with questions asked about weekly rides, average ride value, earnings, incentives, commission, and experience on platforms. The final step was the Data validation through company experts, triangulation through # of drivers and leveraging existing IP about Indian taxi market.
At the end of the study, we able to show client the Market share of major players in terms of rides & GBV for bike & taxi market, Driver unit economics on platforms for bike & taxi market, Driver and customer experience and expectations on platforms across various parameters.