The objective was to evaluate the total online cab market across geographies and understand the models & strategies adopted by different players.
To start with the analysis, we followed 4 steps plans. The first step was to Leverage Redseer IP and secondary reports to gain macro perspective across different geographies. The next step was to identify major players in each region & evaluate their market share in terms of rides and GBV by reaching out to industry experts and conducting driver & customer surveys. The next was to deep dive into geographical penetration within regions, acquisitions, and strategies adopted by each player in each region by reaching out to experts and using public reports. The last step was to Conduct surveys of drivers across regions to understand platform preference, region specific nuances, and general expectations and experience.
At the end of the study, we were able to build high confidence market share numbers of key players by rides & GBV across major geographies, player strategies and models in each region, Driver expectations & experience on platforms across different geographies.