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Lending Market at The Cusp of Digital Disruption

newsletters | Jul, 2022

With 80% of merchants going digital payment-enabled by 2026, the market will see more cash flow-based lending than traditional asset-based lending...

The 3PL Frenzy: What’s Next After Now?

newsletters | Jun, 2022

The total hyperlocal shipment volume will see a staggering 30X growth by 2027 as more players emerge to support this booming sector....

The Focus Is Shifting in India’s Digital Ads Market

newsletters | Jun, 2022

By 2030, the product eCommerce digital ad market in India could be worth $6–8 billion

Are The New Tech-Infused Insurance Models the Catalysts for Change?

newsletters | Jun, 2022

Insurance penetration in India is poised to grow rapidly in just a few years.

Galvanized by eCommerce, India’s eCommerce Logistics Sector Scaling ...

newsletters | Jun, 2022

The ecommerce logistics sector grew on the back of technology and innovation, to enable e-retail boom in India.

Total Healthcare Integration To Address India’s Chronic Disease Cris...

newsletters | May, 2022

Digital chronic management players have a lot of headroom ahead, as they currently penetrate less than 1% of their serviceable addressable market...

Casual Card Games Leading India’s Real Gaming Market To A 3x Growth

newsletters | May, 2022

The overall market is expected to grow 3X by CY26, reaching a whopping USD 5 Bn!

Digital Health Records – A Space Waiting to Be Disrupted

newsletters | May, 2022

HealthTech’s continuous rise in the spheres of pharma, diagnostics and consultation, together termed as eHealth by Redseer, has been remarkable...

Could Digital India Become the Leader in Global Medical Tourism?

newsletters | May, 2022

In India, the typical medical tourist journey is widely getting digitized for a better customer experience

The $10Bn Used Smartphone Market To Watch Out For

newsletters | May, 2022

India’s used smartphone market is poised to reach a staggering market size of USD 10Bn by FY26

Digital First Players Revolutionizing The Manufacturing Space

newsletters | Apr, 2022

Technology is disrupting the supply value chain for the manufacturers and providing higher efficiency in the process

What Lies Ahead for the Overseas Education Sector?

newsletters | Apr, 2022

As the sector continues to grow, English tests and student counseling will be the main revenue source for market leaders

Shared Mobility in the Post-Pandemic World

newsletters | Apr, 2022

Owing to the inadequacy of the public transport infrastructure, and the demand-supply gap, the shared mobility seems to be on a great ride of its own, poised to experienc...

Key Trends That Are Shaping InsurTech In India

newsletters | Apr, 2022

Tech interventions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots and IoT are enabling transformation

EdTech Is Flourishing, All Thanks To Online Higher Ed!

newsletters | Mar, 2022

With the Online Higher Education & Lifelong learning market poised to reach ~$ 5 Bn by CY 2025, EdTech Is Destined To Flourish! 

Everyone Loves The Bank Of The Future!

newsletters | Mar, 2022

Working professionals to drive this growth: Neobanks have opportunity to address ~120 Mn professional income accounts

HealthTech Elevating the Consumer Experience in Indian Healthcare

newsletters | Mar, 2022

The eHealth sector continues to create delights, indicating that it could be the new normal for our healthcare industry

15X Growth In Just 3 Years! We’re Talking About India’s Quick Comm...

newsletters | Mar, 2022

Quick commerce is fundamentally changing consumer purchase behavior in metros and creating delight

BNPL ready to transform India’s payment landscape

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Consumers are rapidly taking to BNPL primarily due to ease of use, discounts and their evolving credit needs

~$250 Bn Opportunity Awaits New Digital-First Brands In India By 2030

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Digital brand are finding it increasingly rewarding and have a ~$250 Bn opportunity by 2030

India’s Journey To $1 Trillion Of Consumer Internet Economy Has Begu...

newsletters | Feb, 2022

India Internet is surging ahead with >50% y-o-y growth in 2021, and is poised to be a $1 Tn economy by 2030

Neo Banks – Disrupting India’s Banking Landscape

newsletters | Jan, 2022

Salary accounts of white-collar employees, with a Lifetime value of ~3X, seem an addressable market and the best way forward for neobanks...

Burgeoning EDC Market: How Merchants Are Driving India’s Digital Pay...

newsletters | Jan, 2022

The Indian EDC market stands at ~4.7 Mn terminals and is expected to grow to ~12 Mn by FY25, with steady adoption across merchants...

Technology Comes to Rescue the Diabetes Capital of the World

newsletters | Jan, 2022

Translating to a market size of ~$17 Bn in FY 21, the disease care market is expected to grow to ~$60 Bn in next 10 years

India Diabetes Market Report

reports | Jan, 2022

Diabetes care market in India is ~$17 Bn in size as of FY21, expected to grow 3X+ to ~$59 Bn by FY31.

India’s Used Car Market Is Unstoppable With Its Steady And Tech-Driv...

newsletters | Dec, 2021

Riding the digital wave, the used car market is a all set to grow at a healthy CAGR of 11%, boasting of sales upto ~8.3 million units, by FY26...

India’s Podcast Market – World’s fastest-growing with Immens...

newsletters | Dec, 2021

Podcast has picked up well in India and already constitute 1% of the total time spent

The Road Logistics Market spends to reach $330 Bn by 2025

newsletters | Dec, 2021

The Road logistics market is expected to grow with CAGR of 7-8% in the next five years.

World’s Fastest Growing $7 Bn Gaming Market

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Propensity to pay is growing with paid gamers in India to become ~235 Mn by 2025

Leveling up India’s Gaming Market 2021

reports | Nov, 2021

The gaming market in India is a $2.2 Bn industry, and is projected to grow at ~30% CAGR to reach $7B market -- more than 3X in the next 5 years....

Building up the e-gaming ecosystem of India and the influence of smart...

reports | Nov, 2021

Digital Gaming in India has undergone a paradigm shift in the last decade as internet and smartphone access have changed the way Indians consume the internet....

1 lakh crore is just the beginning

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Online penetration in India’s BPC market is just 8%, but the potential is immense.

Gated Community $ 500B Consumption Story In 2026

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Indicating that by 2026, the total consumption in Indian gated communities will increase by 2.5x reaching $500 billion.

Gated community $ 500B consumption story in 2026

reports | Nov, 2021

Gated communities are a significant part of India’s consumption story with $200B cumulative spend expected to grow by 2.5X in the next 5 years...

Furniture and home market is geared to become $40 billion by 2026

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Furniture and home market is geared to become $40 billion by 2026

With 50%+ market share travel agents market to become ~$65Bn by FY27

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Packages represent ~45% of the ~$ 38Bn travel agent market in India

96%, yes that’s how accurate were our festive sales predictions

newsletters | Oct, 2021

The Online Festive Sales of 2021 saw 23% YoY sales growth in 2021

Travel Market in India, SEA & GCC

reports | Oct, 2021

Travel market size of India was ~$75 Bn in FY20, expected to grow to $125 Bn+ by FY27

Entertainment & Advertising | Riding the Digital Wave

reports | Oct, 2021

India's shortform space is set to be the second biggest segment in terms of time spent in the next one year after Internet mammoths like Facebook and Google....

Indian Shortform video : Ready to leapfrog towards monetization?

reports | Oct, 2021

Video shopping in India is also expected to accelerate and grow to $4+ Bn by CY25 inline with trends seen in China.

The cloud kitchen to see 5x growth in GMV to USD $2-3B by 2025

newsletters | Oct, 2021

Dine-In and cloud kitchens, cloud kitchens are growing largely as they have higher EBITDA profitability along with a significantly lower capex....

Report on market for “Higher Education Abroad”

reports | Oct, 2021

Growth in Indian students studying abroad for Higher Education had outpaced domestic student growth by >6x in 2016-19 to reach ~ 770k...

Inside festive sale this year

newsletters | Oct, 2021

With a focus on achieving higher volume sales, sellers have announced huge discounts this festive season.

~2 Million Indian students would be studying Abroad by 2024

newsletters | Oct, 2021

We expect ~2 Mn Indian students to be studying abroad by 2024

Quick-commerce A $5 Bn Market by 2025

reports | Sep, 2021

Consumables market in India is expected to become $~ 1 Tn by 2025

Changing paradigm of India’s grocery market

newsletters | Sep, 2021

The eGrocery market is set to be sized $21-25 billion by 2025

The new paradigm in India’s Laundry market

newsletters | Sep, 2021

The outsourced laundry market including both B2B & B2C is $2.5 billion market

The state of Shortform in India

newsletters | Sep, 2021

Total creators in India’s shorform apps are now 4x, when compared to TikTok

What’s next for intracity logistics players?

newsletters | Sep, 2021

Intracity represents approx 13% of the road logistics, of which 60% is on-demand.

Forget the IPO, India’s food services market is still underpenetrate...

newsletters | Aug, 2021

With the right tailwinds, online penetration of food services is set to become 2x by 2025

Here’s how consumers are managing their finances better. Are you?

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Digital brokerages have witnessed a phenomenal growth in the last 3 years

How technology is shaping personal mobility?

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Mobility recovered 69% with an overall of 78 million rides.

How are Indian shortform apps making it big?

newsletters | Aug, 2021

India’s digital ad market to become ~$10Bn by CY25

Not just you, everybody is loving Q-commerce

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Quick commerce is estimated at USD $~0.3 Bn in CY2021 and is expected to grow 10-15x in the next 5 years, to become $5 billion by 2025...

India’s Digital Maturity- How far have we come?

newsletters | Jul, 2021

A key factor for this growing trend is the cohort of millennials and Gen Z who spend most of their time on digital platforms.

The soaring share of digital advertising

newsletters | Jul, 2021

With the increasing spend, India’s digital ad market will likely grow 10x

#3 Delivery Delight Index

reports | Jul, 2021

This third edition of Delivery Delight Index has unveiled how digitally native brands are providing a superlative delivery experience on the back of third-party logistics...

The elusive booming of shared credit market in India

newsletters | Jul, 2021

India’s shared credit market is $550Bn size of addressable market

Decode Digital Economy through our lens

newsletters | Jul, 2021

Of digital economy, online retail remains a big part which will likely touch $350B GMV by 2030

#3 Delivery Delight Index

newsletters | Jun, 2021

This third edition of Delivery Delight Index has unveiled how digitally native brands are providing a superlative delivery experience on the back of third-party logistics...

Is the era of live commerce set to begin?

newsletters | Jun, 2021

India’s telemedicine market is currently ~INR 7K Cr. The segment is now seeing more traction as people are adopting it faster as they are reluctant to risk and physical...

Corporate-run health & wellness programs see increasing maturity ...

newsletters | Jun, 2021

India’s telemedicine market is currently ~INR 7K Cr. The segment is now seeing more traction as people are adopting it faster as they are reluctant to risk and physical...

India’s last mile is expected to become a $6Bn profitable market by ...

newsletters | May, 2021

India’s last mile delivery market is moving in a similar direction to markets like China and USA where the penetration has reached more than 10%. Following this growth ...

Indian Female Innerwear’s $12 Billion Opportunity

reports | May, 2021

The female apparel market, which stood at USD $25 billion in 2019, is expected to grow up to USD $38-40 billion by 2025.

The $2.5Bn Breakout Opportunity within the Indian Female Innerwear Mar...

newsletters | May, 2021

Indian Female Innerwear Market is likely to be USD 11-12 opportunity by 2025

A $80 billion market | Minimally Invasive Surgery

newsletters | May, 2021

Indian healthcare market is expected to double in the next five years

Short Form Market Updates

newsletters | May, 2021

Published on: Apr 2021 India’s shortform video apps has seen V-shaped recovery; bringing back the userbase to nearly 100% of TikTok user base levels, Published on: Dec ...

Online higher education to grow 10x over the next 5 years

newsletters | May, 2021

The market in India will grow 10x over the next 5 years to reach $5 billion by FY2025

Mobility recovers but is it ready to take another hit?

newsletters | May, 2021

Mobility recovered 69% with an overall of 78 million rides.

97% of users are back | Made in India Shortform apps

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Indian apps have retained 65-70% of the Tiktok era users driven by acquisiton of influencers on these platforms as well as efforts to provide better product experience fo...

The rise of Made in India digital content

reports | Apr, 2021

Short-form video user base is back to nearly 100% of pre TikTok ban, with strong loyalty to Indian apps

3PL looks at 10X growth

newsletters | Apr, 2021

The hyperlocal growing much faster 3PL volume in hyperlocal to become 10 times of its current size

The hit story of social commerce

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Social commerce to create opportunities for millions of resellers and suppliers in the next 5 years

How big is online rental furniture market?

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Rental furniture or appliances is a Rs 33,500 crore market in India

What is driving consumption on Netflix and other OTT platforms?

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Telecom bundling worked well for OTT video increasing number of subscriptions per year

How 3PLs are helping brands and retailers succeed?

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Delivery experience has taken centre stage in driving consumer NPS

Delivery Delight Index

reports | Mar, 2021

Delivery Delight Index aims to help brands and platforms to assess their relative positioning in terms of delivery experience provided and how they can improve their deli...

Narrative on how Digital insurance is well positioned to lead the next...

Case studies | Mar, 2021

The report entails on how Insurance is emerging as the next big frontier for Fintech globally as well as in India.

Narrative on how Wealthtech is emerging as a sector in India and chang...

Case studies | Mar, 2021

The report explains on how the equity and mutual funds market is growing in India and how they are going to boom in future.

Assessment of Digital Payments landscape in India and emerging FinTech...

Case studies | Mar, 2021

The mobile payments market and how they would evolve over next 5 years along with various regulations and drivers propelling their growth....

India Internet | Getting Ready for IPO

newsletters | Mar, 2021

India Internet grew at a CAGR of ~30% over the last decade, resulting in 13X growth of the sector.

eGrocery Supply Chain Strategy for leading e-com horizontal Identify i...

Case studies | Mar, 2021

Assessment of the top-line and growth of the key online grocery players such as Bigbasket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry and Milkbasket including orders per day, AOV, GMV, Categ...

Where is the online meat market headed?

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Meat market is expected to become $80-85 Bn by 2024 and is up for disruption by branded players

Mobility’s recovery graph

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Mobility recovered 63% with overall 71 million rides

What will drive e-health growth?

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Omnichannel will be another big opportunity in eHealth

Ground Zero 4.0 | Scaling Up – Event Report

reports | Feb, 2021

Strong festive season saw 66% y-o-y growth in sales driven by small city customers and set the stage for a successful CY20 and beyond for e-tailing....

How 2020 changed OTT video consumption

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Higher releases leading to strong growth for Originals & movies consumption on OTT

How e-commerce made a comeback

newsletters | Feb, 2021

By CY25, verticals will have a significant share in fashion & grocery

Value-first eGrocery in India – a huge opportunity!

newsletters | Jan, 2021

More than 60% of the huge ~$300 Bn eGrocery addressable market is led by value-first households

A peek inside the growth of D2C & DNB brands

newsletters | Jan, 2021

D2C are brands that do >10% sales from their native platform, and DNB are brands that do >60% sales online.

Deep dive into audio entertainment landscape to understand high potent...

Case studies | Jan, 2021

A comprehensive benchmarking of 15+ players in the industry to help the client understand the supply-demand dynamics & identify high-growing product segments....

Indian eGrocery: A promising opportunity led by value-first users

reports | Jan, 2021

Indian Grocery – $850 Bn+ market (2025) up for digital disruption

Inside $500M Indian Smartphone Insurance market

newsletters | Jan, 2021

~557 Mn people in India have access to a smart-phone by 2020 which would go up to ~939 Mn by 2025.

Has social commerce spread its wings this year?

newsletters | Dec, 2020

Growth of social commerce is likely to create new opportunity for millions of resellers and suppliers in next 5 years

Who won our first logistics index?

newsletters | Dec, 2020

With the increasing growth of e-commerce, shipments are estimated to grow from 2.5 billion in FY2020 to over 10 billion by FY 25.

What is the big deal about Short Form content ?

newsletters | Dec, 2020

This market which was initially created by Bytedance-owned TikTok, saw a massive void after the app’s ban in June. 40% of the market is now owned by Indian apps....

1/12 RedSeer Shadowfax Logistics Index

reports | Dec, 2020

eCommerce shipment volume to grow 4x in next 5 years from more than 2.5 billion shipments in FY2020, creating high demand for logistics and supply chain ...

Commercial Due Diligence on a social commerce player

Case studies | Dec, 2020

A deep dive into India's retail and eCommerce space from demand and competition perspective was conducted at a category level to assess the TAM and 5 year realizable oppo...

40% of TikTok’s India market captured by homegrown apps

reports | Dec, 2020

The number of Internet users in India set to grow to 970 million from current 600 million in next 5 years, Shortform market is also estimated to grow by 4x on total time ...

A new Silver Lining to India’s Meat Market

newsletters | Dec, 2020

Online meat has grown 2.5-3x since COVID, with a large growth runway ahead

The $500 Mn potential Indian Smartphone Insurance market, But are the ...

reports | Dec, 2020

Indian Smartphone Insurance Market holds potential to reach $500 Mn by FY 25

What’s next for pharma in India?

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Offline to Online pharma models currently play in the ~8-10% organized portion of pharma retail in India

Education & Technology | What lies ahead?

newsletters | Nov, 2020

A paltry of 15-20% of the schools had working computers, before the pandemic. As the above chart shows, majority of the schools in India are Government-run which caters t...

Healthcare at Home?

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Lifestyle diseases contribute to about 50% of expenditure on in-patient beds in urban India and also require frequent hospital visits creating hassle for patients....

Video Killing The Audio Star?

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Paid users contributed USD 43 Million in revenue during August 2020 alone

Online Rummy Growing in Spades beyond South India

newsletters | Oct, 2020

Enabling the game of Online Rummy to become a USD 1400 Mn in market size by 2024

What will you be shopping online this festive weekend?

newsletters | Oct, 2020

90% of the surveyed sample plan to buy online this year which will give a significant boost to e-commerce growth across categories....

Re-e-tail: Reimagining a new retail for India

newsletters | Oct, 2020

Rise of ‘Integrated eCommerce’ which digitizes both the front end and back end will create a new retail model in post COVID world...

Logistics in the 2020 eCommerce Festive Season

newsletters | Oct, 2020

Basis strong shipments growth, we expect the festive sales GMV for the first event to grow 50% y-o-y over CY19 to reach $4 Bn

Product launch: ‘Online Grocery – What brands need to know’

newsletters | Sep, 2020

1.5-1.6x increase in online grocery households in May vs Jan, most of which is organic adoption especially April onwards.

Online grocery: What brands need to know?

reports | Sep, 2020

Indian grocery traditionally has been a primarily unorganized market, wherein more than 90% of the market is driven by traditional ‘kirana stores. ...

India’s eCommerce’s #festivaloffirsts set to brighten the ...

newsletters | Sep, 2020

Driven by the massive shopper growth, we expect the festive sales for the first event to grow 50% y-o-y over CY19 to reach $4 Bn

Online Gaming – Fast Growing Opportunity Segment to Grow 5x in N...

newsletters | Sep, 2020

40% users significantly increased their engagement on online gaming platforms. Unable to step of home, Gaming kept the existing users busy....

Commercial Due Diligence on one of India’s largest retailers

Case studies | Sep, 2020

Perspective of consumers and retailers towards digitization in general and towards using Target's services in particular 4) Growth forecast for market and Target's share ...

eHealth – All set for recovery post the COVID hurdle

newsletters | Sep, 2020

Moving forward, the sector is expected to bounce back and grow at ~70% CAGR to reach $2 Bn GMV by FY 21. eConsultation is expected to grow at a lightening pace, while eDi...

Indian Mobile Payments: 5x growth by 2025

newsletters | Sep, 2020

In Post COVID scenario, Mobile payments will lead to an additional INR 12 Tn of digital payments by value as consumers get more inclined towards digital payments driven b...

Commercial due-diligence for a leading global gambling operators to id...

Case studies | Aug, 2020

The enagagement helped client identify investment opportunity in online rummy for their inorganic growth in Indian market

Online Higher Education & Lifelong Learning – 10x growth potent...

newsletters | Aug, 2020

The gross enrolment ratio (GER) for higher education is a measure of the number of schoolchildren who go on to become undergraduates (UG), postgraduates (PG), or diploma ...

The Rise of US $50 Billion e-Baazar

reports | Aug, 2020

480Mn people in India have access to internet out of which 90Mn are online shoppers

Online Higher Education & Lifelong learning

reports | Aug, 2020

10x Growth Potential- A $5B Opportunity

Indian Mobile Payments: 5x growth by 2025

reports | Aug, 2020

Story of potential 800 million Indian mobile payment consumers

Online Higher Education & Lifelong Learning – The time is now!

newsletters | Aug, 2020

With changes in regulations, the addressable opportunity for Online Higher Education and continuous learning has grown ~6x – contingent on proposed rules in NEP 2020 be...

News Aggregators Market Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2020

Buy Full Report 1. Dailyhunt emerges as the clear leader in terms of Reach and advertiser Trust Published on: Jun 2019 RedSeer’s Content Leadership Index evaluates the ...

Indian Fintech – Poised for a strong recovery post COVID

newsletters | Aug, 2020

Driven by the COVID push, ~17 Mn new Insurtech policy buyers will get added in the next 2 years, to take the overall number to ~30 Mn...

Setting up the $300Mn+ Online furniture Market

reports | Aug, 2020

The Indian furniture market has been growing on account of newer business models and urbanization. Today, it stands at $16 Bn in size, with 15% organized and growing at a...

Getting to precovid levels with ” New Normals “

newsletters | Aug, 2020

While July turned to be a decent month for the OTT Audio space, which witnessed a recovery. For the OTT Video and Shortform sector, it was a month were new normals were e...

Developing a Commercial Strategy for a Leading Social Media and Digita...

Case studies | Jul, 2020

By conducting in-depth discussions with our experts in the field, we were able to understand the competitors, what is unique about them, the overall market size of the ad...

eHealth – Government’s partner in building a healthier society

newsletters | Jul, 2020

The eHealth sector has come across as a clear beneficiary of the lockdown, with 1.5x higher baseline in June

COVID charm on eGrocery models, including JioMart

newsletters | Jul, 2020

With presence across 200 cities in India, most of which have limited or no eGrocery penetration, JioMart is set to onboard 2 Mn households by the end of this year year. C...

Accelerated Digitization in India Internet Post COVID- Part 2

newsletters | Jul, 2020

Contribution of E-Tailing to India Internet spiked massively as the category reached a USD 36 Bn Annualized GMV in June, +30% vs Jan....

Ground Zero 2 Perspectives- The Accelerated digitization of Indian Ret...

newsletters | Jul, 2020

Powered by their swift adoption of various front and backend tech, Kiranas were able to sustain their business during COVID and even reach out to a newer set of consumers...

Conduct Due Diligence on the Target and Identify Growth Opportunities ...

Case studies | Jul, 2020

The objective was to conduct a comprehensive due diligence exercise focusing on the target -- an online rummy platform -- in the real money gaming market....

Recovery Stories in Consumer, Retail and Internet

newsletters | Jul, 2020

However, as the partial and full unlock has proceeded, few of the internet sectors have seen either seen a release of the pent-up demand or a new sector baseline has been...

eGrocery | First COVID & Now JioMart | Part 2

newsletters | Jun, 2020

COVID-19 provided a significant push to the eGrocery market as consumers realized the value of at-home access to groceries. In addition to providing convenience, variety ...

EdTech In India | An Omidyar Network India & RedSeer Report

reports | Jun, 2020

Grade 1–5 EdTech users (currently with a low base of ~5 MN users) are going to leapfrog the offline supplementary adoption, growing at CAGR of 93% over 2019–22 to ~36...

India eHealth – COVID-19 Impact and Way forward

newsletters | Jun, 2020

Drive by 3x growth in user base and likely increase in average spends per user especially in prescription drugs and consultations, we are very bullish that the eHealth ma...

India eCommerce and Foodtech- COVID-19 Impact and Way forward

newsletters | Jun, 2020

Orders for leading Foodtech players have dropped by ~80% in the month of April owing safety concerns, WFH being implemented, junta curfews and operations stoppages and co...

eGrocery | First COVID & Now JioMart | Part 1

newsletters | Jun, 2020

The eGrocery market GMV was mere $0.05 Bn in 2013, but has grown 30x in the last 6 years to reach $1.5 Bn GMV in 2019.

How did COVID-19 impact India Internet and what’s the way forward

newsletters | Jun, 2020

In a pre-covid world, India Internet was one of the most attractive markets globally, expected to deliver 30+% CAGR over a 6 year time horizon....

EdTech – COVID Tailwinds – The Time is Now

newsletters | Jun, 2020

EdTech companies too have been agile in responding to the crisis by making their offerings free – resulting in almost 2x rise in EdTech users within a couple of months ...

Ecosystem Engagement in COVID 19

articles | Jun, 2020

The world is struggling with the spread of the novel Coronavirus. As the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis mounts, leaders in every industry are innovating on war-fo...

Can Online Content Platforms win the customer retention battle post CO...

newsletters | May, 2020

Online Content sector has seen an overall positive uptake during COVID.

eHealth and Edtech- The new normal post COVID-19

newsletters | Apr, 2020

Edtech in India has had challenges with monetization owing to low willingness to pay- but still has a highly satisfied paid user base....

Decoding India Internet post Covid-19 – A Preview

newsletters | Apr, 2020

China’s Covid-19 situation has been deescalating in early March, with many signs of gradual recovery along with rebounding consumer confidence....

eHealth in the time of Covid-19

newsletters | Apr, 2020

140 Mn eHealth ready households will provide an addressable opportunity of $35 Bn by FY25

Consumer NPS study for one of the leading eHealth players in India

Case studies | Apr, 2020

The objective was to help a leading eHealth platform study the relative satisfaction of its consumers vs the leading competitors, in terms of pricing, quality, availabili...

OTT Audio platforms tuning into profitability

newsletters | Apr, 2020

In India most users are likely to switch to a paid OTT audio subscription, only if the charges are ~INR 25 per month

Impact of Covid19 on Consumer Internet

newsletters | Apr, 2020

India Consumer Internet Performance (during lockdown) Published on: 2nd April 2020    

Originals Becoming Mainstream In OTT World

newsletters | Mar, 2020

Ease of content consumption coupled with affordable smart TVs will lead to shift in user time from DTH to OTT

Online Mobility-Riding The Wave of Democratization

newsletters | Mar, 2020

Sectors other than 4W and 3W P2P taxis are contributing 20% share of 4Mn daily trips in Indian online mobility

What did March 2020 mean for India’s E-commerce and Hyperlocal secto...

newsletters | Mar, 2020

India’s USD ~29 Bn E-tailing market (2019 annual GMV) was significantly impacted by the lockdown in March last week, as seen by a precipitous drop in GMV/transactions f...

Sector due diligence for a global VC, leading to a major investment in...

Case studies | Mar, 2020

To carry out the due diligence we evaluated the sector feasibility & built a comprehensive analysis on the monetization & growth potential to validate the investor's hypo...

Due Diligence of a housing finance company

Case studies | Mar, 2020

The engagement was driven through primary research, surveys and in-depth interviews to do an indepth analysis of the target company....

Understanding the opportunities in RTE/RTC market in India and helping...

Case studies | Mar, 2020

Comprehensive landscaping of RTE/RTC, organic foods and soupy noodles market in India including overall market size, growth potential, key players in the category and key...

Indian Fintech – Still A Cub But Roaring Like A Tiger!

reports | Mar, 2020

Indian Fintech industry is on an exciting trajectory with Indian consumers adopting the various fintech offerings like never before. However, it will be interesting to se...

Go Micro to achieve macro profitability

newsletters | Feb, 2020

Internet companies are driving multiple profitability streams, which require focused efforts in the right geographies for effective results....

Newsletter : Indian ‘E-Health’ at a tipping point

newsletters | Feb, 2020

Healthcare industry is supported by a complex supply chain with multiple providers, providing out-patient & in-patient care to consumers...

Money on the Platter for e-b2b

newsletters | Feb, 2020

Brands across categories are facing challenges in their existing distribution network owing to fragmentation

All roads Lead to Kirana

newsletters | Feb, 2020

1. India has 15+Mn Kirana stores that face four big challenges in daily operations- each of which is a massive opportunity for tech start-ups Indian retail market is mar...

Understanding the opportunities in online market for FMCG products to ...

Case studies | Feb, 2020

Assessment of market dynamics of key online grocery platforms such as Bigbasket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry and Flipkart to assess the growth potential of overall online groc...

Indian ‘eHealth’ at a tipping point!

reports | Feb, 2020

Indian 'eHealth' sector is at a tipping point, and is projected to grow by ~13x, to become a $16 Bn opportunity by FY 25

Market report on Indian eHealth market covering business models, stake...

Case studies | Feb, 2020

Overview of the healthcare space in India, current & future market estimates, key drivers of growth including the recent govt. initiatives...

Competitive benchmarking of all the major eHealth players in India

Case studies | Feb, 2020

The objective was to help a leading eHeatlh platform understand how it is performing vs the leading competitors

India internet x profitability: What to watch in 2020

newsletters | Jan, 2020

1. Changing macroeconomic and funding scenario in 2020 will see two big themes playing out for India’s internet start-ups Given the macroeconomic trends and the funding...

Indian E-Pharma – A Promising Vertical-led Market

newsletters | Jan, 2020

Overall India e-mobility is slightly ahead of food tech in # orders/trips, with newer mobility models driving the growth

Report on the EdTech sector in India to identify next opportunities fo...

Case studies | Jan, 2020

An exhaustive database for established institutes was created along with multiple in-depth discussions with investors to understand the market dynamics....

Long-range strategic plan for top education credential evaluator

Case studies | Dec, 2019

We understood the addressable opportunity in the academic credentials evaluation market and prioritised key geographies by tracking the migrant student countries of origi...

A closer look at On-Demand Home Services

newsletters | Dec, 2019

Overall India e-mobility is slightly ahead of food tech in # orders/trips, with newer mobility models driving the growth

User perspective on eB2B platforms

newsletters | Dec, 2019

eB2B platforms have driven high awareness in their target segments, with high willingness to use the platforms as well Published on: Dec 2019 eB2B players have driven sig...

Unlocking the Indian eB2B retail opportunity

reports | Nov, 2019

The Indian retail market is expected to grow at ~10% CAGR to reach ~$ 1.6 TN by FY 25

Decoding key trends in logistics

reports | Nov, 2019

The Indian consumer internet market comprising of products and services is likely to treble to USD 200 Bn by CY22

Organized Grocery Retail In India

newsletters | Nov, 2019

Of India’s retail basket, Food & Grocery (F&G) category comprising fresh fruits & vegetables, packaged food, personal care & home care and utilities is a significant 65...

Omnichannel adoption across major retail categories in India

newsletters | Nov, 2019

1. The omnichannel adoption journey includes both experiential technologies along with basic features and restructured business models Published on: Nov 2019 Omnichannel ...

Retail 3.0 : The emergence of the omnichannel

newsletters | Nov, 2019

1. Organized B&M is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% while online retail is expected to grow at a CAGR of 35% till 2022 Published on: Nov 2019 Organized retailers ha...

Unlocking the Indian eB2B retail opportunity

newsletters | Nov, 2019

Driven by a consistent expected increase in private consumption, the Indian retail market is expected to grow at ~10% CAGR to reach ~$ 1.6 TN by FY 25 Published on: Nov 2...

Go-to-Market strategy in EdTech for India’s largest online vernacula...

Case studies | Nov, 2019

We conducted 2000+ student and parents survey and 100+ supplementary education providers interviews in India to build the customer persona....

Online Fashion Market in India

newsletters | Nov, 2019

Buy Full Report 1. The Fashion market is growing at a CAGR of 11% with online fashion growing the fastest, at a CAGR of ~32% Published on: Nov 2019 Consumers across India...

A look at the Budget Hotel space and the Digital Book Keeping apps.

newsletters | Nov, 2019

Budget and Mid Market hotels will continue to dominate India’s lodging space Published on: Nov 2019 Travellers are gradually shifting towards experiential and adventuro...

Organized Grocery Retail in India

newsletters | Nov, 2019

Modern Retail in India is on the growth trajectory driven by consumer’s shopping behaviour and re-aligned focus of retailers Published on: Nov 2019 Private consumption,...

The future is bright for online fashion and car classifieds

newsletters | Oct, 2019

1. Once-small online fashion/beauty category on track to exceed USD 7 Bn in GMV in 2019 and USD 25 bn by CY22 Published on: Oct 2019 Women fashion growing faster and ethn...

Online Mobility Market Updates

newsletters | Oct, 2019

  1. Core value prop of bike rentals is ‘flexibility’- with many bike rental users also being vehicle owners Published on: Oct 2019 The flexibility of route is a...

Of digital book-keeping apps, foodtech subscriptions and festive sales...

newsletters | Oct, 2019

1. Digital book-keeping apps have managed to gain strong adoption and regular usage amongst SMEs Published on: Oct 2019 New age book keeping apps are seeing daily usage a...

Food-tech Market Updates

newsletters | Oct, 2019

Subscription users of cloud kitchen apps show stronger platform loyalty (vs on-demand users) even when preferred dishes are unavailable Published on: Oct 2019 When prefer...

Indian Niche Food Brands

newsletters | Oct, 2019

1. Niche food brands are gaining traction among the educated urban and semi-urban youth in India Published on: Oct 2019 The niche packaged food industry is pegged to grow...

Festive sales 2019 off to a strong start and other key internet trends...

newsletters | Oct, 2019

E-tailers have achieved $ 1.8 Bn sales in first 3 days of the sale, on track to have a highly successful sale event Published on: Oct 2019 First three days of festive sal...

What does the 2019 e-tailing festive season have in store?

newsletters | Sep, 2019

E-Tailers on track to sell USD ~3.7 Bn of goods during festive event 1- up 60-65% y-o-y Published on: Sep 2019 Key drivers of growth to be an expansion in online shoppers...

Online Used Car Market Updates

newsletters | Sep, 2019

  Structural shift happening in used car market from classifieds model to transactions driven model  Published on: Sep 2019 Together with value added services, reve...

How small and large internet sectors are driving adoption and profitab...

newsletters | Sep, 2019

1. E-Tailers on track to significantly reduce cash burn over next few years Published on: Sep 2019 Cash burn expected to drop significantly for e-tailers over next few ye...

E-logistics Market Updates

newsletters | Sep, 2019

Buy Full Report Challenges and opportunity to digitize intracity logistics for SMEs  Published on: Sep 2019 SMEs still strongly prefer offline channels for intracity shi...

Enabling one of India’s largest media houses to grow advertising rev...

Case studies | Sep, 2019

We created a dynamic toolkit that leveraged intensive market intel to help the client map out the existing ad market spend by segmenting the target companies by sector, s...

E-Tailing’s changing category mix and future of lodging

newsletters | Sep, 2019

Despite slowing growth of mobiles category, e-tailing firmly on track to grow 32% in 2019 and reach USD ~82 Bn by 2022 Published on: Sep 2019 2019 to see the slowest grow...

OTA/Hotel Aggregators Market Updates

newsletters | Sep, 2019

Budget and Mid Market hotels will continue to dominate India’s lodging space  Published on: Sep 2019 Travellers are gradually shifting towards experiential and adventu...

Online Grocery Market Updates

newsletters | Sep, 2019

Online Grocery is creating a sticky customer base and expected to grow at 60% CAGR

E-tailing horizontals vs verticals and Flipkart’s furniture success

newsletters | Sep, 2019

Flipkart has grown to capture 41% of online furniture market share Published on: Sep 2019 Hyperlocal e-grocery- Market growing at triple digits, with sector specialists c...

Growth strategy for an internet kitchen

Case studies | Sep, 2019

The methodology involved conducting feasibility analysis of channels needed to achieve the target.

Demystifying the restaurants vs online aggregators debate

newsletters | Aug, 2019

Restaurants have witnessed 30% growth in business along with other benefits after partnering with online aggregators Published on: Aug 2019 Online partnerships have enabl...

Fintech Market Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2019

UPI has a strong market share in higher value use cases  Published on: Aug 2019 Wallets continue to remain strong in the recharge and SME merchants category. India’s t...

Go-to market strategy into online gaming market for a leading digital ...

Case studies | Aug, 2019

Key takeaways from the engagement was a Go-to Market strategy for the client (a leading digital content platform) into online gaming market and playbook...

Ready to Cook Market: India

newsletters | Aug, 2019

1. Ready to Cook Food market is gaining adoption among consumers owing to increasing urbanization and demand for convenience food Published on: Aug 2019 Ready to Cook mar...

What’s makes India’s ePharma space so exciting | How will ...

newsletters | Aug, 2019

India’s USD 18 Bn unorganized pharma retailing market is ripe for digital disruption by ePharma players Published on: Aug 2019 Summary takeaways: ePharma (USD 350 Mn in...

Med-tech Market Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2019

1. India’s USD 18 Bn unorganized pharma retailing market is ripe for digital disruption by ePharma players  Published on: Aug 2019 ePharma (USD 350 Mn in 2018) is <...

Consumer Internet Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2019

Buy Full Report MAU for OTT Video platforms expected to grow 80% over 2019-22; platforms focused on Bharat target group are expected to grow fastest  Published on: Aug 2...

Newsletter | Vernacular is NOW, not the future – A $300 Bn opportuni...

newsletters | Aug, 2019

India is in the midst of a massive digital transformation of its population Published on: Aug 2019 Heavy social media and content consumption underway in urban and especi...

The Upcoming Fintech Boom In India (And Indonesia)

newsletters | Aug, 2019

1. InsurTech marketplaces are growing 100% y-o-y driven by strong growth of both incumbents and new entrants Published on: Aug 2019 Key growth driver of sector incumbents...

Online Insurance Market Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2019

1. InsurTech marketplaces are growing 100% y-o-y driven by strong growth of both incumbents and new entrants Published on: Aug 2019 Key growth driver of sector incumbents...

Change is Here to Stay

reports | May, 2019

Indian mid-market hotel industry is expected to grow at 10% to reach USD 4.4Bn by 2019

Online Retail Market Updates

newsletters | May, 2019

Buy Full Report Home & Living market in India stands at ~USD 28 Bn. and is set to reach ~USD 50 Bn. in 5 years Published on: May 2019 Mattresses constitute ~15% of th...

The cost of being unhealthy RedSeer perspective on productivity loss d...

reports | May, 2019

Productivity loss due to the health and lifestyle habits of employees cost ~INR 24,000 Cr every year to the IT industry in Bangalore...

Digital B2B Market Updates

newsletters | May, 2019

Buy Full Report Massive opportunity in digitization of B2B procurement Published on: May 2019 The purchase of manufacturing raw materials (RMs) and MROs has been traditio...

Ed-tech Market Updates

newsletters | May, 2019

  1. The upcoming vernacular revolution in edtech Published on: May 2019 The first wave of edtech companies saw players focusing on high-quality content and live str...

City expansion strategy for a foodtech player

Case studies | May, 2019

The medhodology involved creating a bespoke foodtech potential index of 2300+ Indian cities to identify the high potential cities for the client and segment them by prior...

Childcare Market Updates

newsletters | Apr, 2019

Online Childcare: Convenience and Product Quality drive purchase decisions; Lead time and Return experience needs to improve Published on: Apr 2019 The online Childcare m...

Online Interior Design Market Updates

newsletters | Apr, 2019

Buy Full Report Customization and Lead qualification key to scalability in the Online Interior Design market Published on: Apr 2019 Online Interior Design market is a lar...

Social Commerce Market Updates

newsletters | Apr, 2019

Strong initial adoption of deal-sharing based social e-com platforms points to bright future ahead Published on: Apr 2019 The next 100 Mn online shoppers poised to come f...

Dormant user assesment for an online food delivery platform

Case studies | Apr, 2019

The engagement was driven through primary research - surveys and in-depth interviews - of dormant users to pin-point the reasons for lapsing and understand the steps to b...

Growth & New International Markets Entry Strategy For A 6000+ Cha...

Case studies | Apr, 2019

The global expansion story of Indian internet companies is just starting, long way to go ahead Published on: Apr 2019 Over the last few years, we have seen many Indian in...

Implementation of a sales process improvement program at a fast growin...

Case studies | Mar, 2019

RedSeer reached out to 5 key geographies of interest to the client in India and connected with 1000+ schools across India.

Evaluating readiness of healthcare subscription plan and devising an o...

Case studies | Mar, 2019

The objective was to identify the attractive consumer cohorts for the healthcare subscription plan

Market landscaping and identifying consumer pain points for one of the...

Case studies | Mar, 2019

Pharmaceuticals market sizing in India, ePharma penetration in the market, ePharma category mix and player market shares, top-line & bottom-line player level comparison...

B2B Digital Services Landscape in India Impact on MSMEs

reports | Mar, 2019

B2B digital services in India are a market of USD 5.6 Bn and is set to grow by ~39% in the next 5 years

Smart clicks to win India’s online groceries & general merchand...

reports | Mar, 2019

E-tailing market in India is expected to reach ~USD 100 Bn by 2023 from USD 24 Bn in 2018

Tracking & benchmarking operational metrics of ride-hailing playe...

Case studies | Feb, 2019

The Idea was to understand how the operational metric like ETA, availability, surge etc vary between players in different city and how it changes on monthly basis....

Customer Perception of online 2W rental & taxi players

Case studies | Feb, 2019

The objective was to help a major fund assess the customer perception of online 2W rental platforms in India.

Market Sizing of self-drive segment

Case studies | Feb, 2019

The first step was to reach out to experts in rental/self-drive companies, fleet operators and industry experts in each city to understand pan-India and city specific mar...

Online market sizing of ride-hailing across geographies (SEA, MENA, In...

Case studies | Feb, 2019

We were able to build high confidence market share numbers of key players by rides & GBV across major geographies, player strategies and models in each region, Driver exp...

Online market assessment of Ride-hailing in Indonesia & competiti...

Case studies | Feb, 2019

Market share of major players in terms of rides & GBV for bike & taxi market, Driver unit economics on platforms for bike & taxi market, Driver and customer experience an...

Market Sizing of Offline cab market in India

Case studies | Feb, 2019

Overall Indian cab market segregated by organized & unorganized and online & offline, individual sectors in offline market for Pan India and 13 cities along with historic...

Impact of changes in Government FDI Regulation on India’s E-tail...

reports | Feb, 2019

Buy Report E-com FDI Policy Changes – A squeeze on market leaders and attempt to level playing field for small retailers Published on: Feb 2019   Over the past 5 y...

Sales transformation for changing product portfolio for a leading publ...

Case studies | Feb, 2019

We redesigned the sales motion as well as roles and responsibilities for each sales type keeping the entire sales funnel from marketing, lead generation to customer succe...

Business Model Evaluation and Future Roadmap Development for a Physica...

Case studies | Feb, 2019

The objective was to assess the physical education market and conduct competitor benchmarking to develop a future growth roadmap.

Commercial Due Diligence on India’s largest EdTech provider focused ...

Case studies | Feb, 2019

We captured the brand recall for all market players, looked at how the online education market is poised to grow in the next five years....

Sector narrative in online gaming market and its outlook in 2022, driv...

Case studies | Jan, 2019

Market narrative report was launched to the public and received wider acceptance, the findings were used for strategic decisions by investor and quoted multiple times in ...

The Real Impact of India’s new e-commerce Policy

articles | Jan, 2019

Buy Full Report RedSeer believes that few of recent policy changes around e-tailers will have a significant impact on the ecosystem while the impact of other changes is u...

Overview of Mattress Market in India

reports | Dec, 2018

The mattress market in India is around USD 1.7 Bn in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% to reach USD 2.5 Bn by 2022

Online ticketing Market Updates

newsletters | Dec, 2018

O2O sector is dominated by online ticketing which is growing slowly; other categories expected to grow rapidly till CY22 but still small   Published on: Dec 2018 The...

Disruption in Indian Furniture Retailing

reports | Oct, 2018

Furniture and furnishings retail in India has grown urbanization, increasing access to branded furniture steadily to become a USD 28 Bn...

‘Amazon effect’ in India and learnings for Indonesia

reports | Oct, 2018

‘Amazon effect’ in India and learnings for Indonesia   Amazon’s impending launch in Indonesia could lead to meaningful changes in the country’s ecomm...

Kitchen Appliances Market

reports | Oct, 2018

The kitchen appliances market in India is estimated to be at INR 21,500 Crores in 2018

Indian Habit of Being Healthy

reports | Sep, 2018

A USD 100 billion opportunity by 2022 in Preventive Healthcare Market

Online Furniture Market Updates

newsletters | Sep, 2018

Buy Full Report Flipkart has grown to capture 41% of online furniture market share  Published on: Sep 2019 The online furniture market has been growing at a CAGR of ~80-...

Online Fashion Market Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2018

Buy Full Report Online BPC companies saw steady growth in private label business in 2018 and in 2019 are poised to expand private labels rapidly  Published on: Aug 2019 ...

Online Real Estate Classifieds Market Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2018

Buy Full Report The industry predominantly gets its business from Metros Published on: Mar 2018 Metros contribute nearly 55-60% to the overall listings for the online rea...

Online Milk Delivery Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2018

  1. Milk has the highest frequency and the lowest margins in the daily essentials category Published on: May 2018 The online milk delivery business is growing fast ...

Commercial Due Diligence on a music instruments e-tailer

Case studies | Jul, 2018

As part of the diligence process, we undertook a comprehensive market landscaping of the musical instruments space in India- covering market sizing from demand and supply...

Commercial Due Diligence on an upcoming omnichannel platform offering ...

Case studies | Jul, 2018

The objective was to understand the music education market in India and assess the opportunity to invest in the target, an upcoming omnichannel platform offering music ed...

Powered by Redseer | Flipkart and Walmart Deal

articles | Jun, 2018

Buy Full Report We are proud to have powered the largest internet event in the country. The endorsement by Walmart is a validation of our deep insights and the watch over...

Beauty personal care to grow at 9 Percent by 2020

articles | May, 2018

Introduction to the Indian Beauty and Personal Care Market   The Indian Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9%, from ~USD 14-15 bi...

Ecommerce industry in India

reports | May, 2018

With an online population of 500 mn in 2017, India has one of the fastest growing Internet population in the world. We believe a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13%...

E-tailing in India: RedSeer Perspective

reports | May, 2018

The Indian e-tailing industry has seen good momentum from 2014. Though there was a slump in 2016 with the growth being just 12%, the industry recovered well in 2017. The ...

Medical Products Market in India

reports | May, 2018

  India is witnessing a rapid growth across all segments and categories of medical products. What are the contributors to this? How will it impact the future growth?...

The Indian Internet Investment Story: Why is Indian Internet attractin...

articles | May, 2018

Where is the incremental private equity money going in Indian market:   Traditionally India has been a consumer growth story. Almost all the unicorns and the large i...

Benchmarking mobility players on consumer behavior for Perth (Australi...

Case studies | Feb, 2018

Insights on customer behavior of Perth in terms of reasons for choosing ride-hailing platforms, use-case, decision making criteria, ownership of car, deal-seeking, platfo...

Online Beauty Market Updates

newsletters | Feb, 2018

Organized channel will drive the growth in the market,especially the super verticals within online channel Published on: Feb 2019 Customers prefer LFS for brand discover...

Indian Diagnostic Market: Shifting to preventive care

articles | Jan, 2018

Buy Full Report “Indian diagnostic market is growing at nearly 15-20% and is estimated to be currently worth ₹40,000 Cr.” Healthcare sector in India continues to se...

Cardiovascular Implants: Collaboration and not Regulation will drive t...

articles | Jan, 2018

“By 2020 market for cardiovascular implantable devices is expected to reach ₹5000 CR.”   Price Regulation creates a short term demand spike in Cardiova...

Fitness Wearables: Is their growth in India sustainable?

articles | Jan, 2018

The big question – Will the foundation of healthcare, the doctor-patient interaction, change?   The answer to this question is ‘Yes’ and the catalyst for t...

Medical Wearables: Potential to change the doctor-patient interactions...

articles | Jan, 2018

“The market for medical wearable devices is expected to reach ~₹230-250 Cr. by 2020”   A medical wearable device is a device that is worn by a person a...

Selling in Emerging Markets

articles | Jan, 2018

Slowing growth in US and European economy has made companies look towards the emerging markets as a driver for their growth. In 2008, India and China alone accounted for ...

Innovating in Emerging Markets

articles | Jan, 2018

In last decade, emerging markets have evolved not only as the biggest demand base for goods but also as innovation hubs for new products. One of the drivers of innovation...

Directions for Marketing in Changing Times

articles | Jan, 2018

With the gradual opening up of the Indian economy since 1991 across various sectors has made the Indian market very competitive. Gone are the days when one had to wait fo...

Brand Extension Building Loyalty

articles | Jan, 2018

Introduction The following article discusses a case study about leveraging a potential brand extension for industrial product major in India. Company employed ‘brand ex...

Outsourcing in Financial Services: Challenges and the Way Forward

articles | Jan, 2018

Introduction The financial crisis of 2008/2009 created several problems for the financial services clients. On one hand, there was a renewed quest of efficiency savings o...

Indian Healthcare Delivery Industry – Emerging Trends

articles | Jan, 2018

Day care surgery centers 1. In India, the concept of stand-alone daycare surgery centers is currently in its infancy. It is estimated that by 2020, 75 per cent of all sur...

Role of 3PLs in the e-tailing success

articles | Jan, 2018

Buy Full Report The logistic service forms the backbone of the entire e-tailing industry. Hence the biggest of the players have created their own arm to provide the best ...

Global Travel Retail – a booming industry

articles | Nov, 2017

Duty-free shops are retail stores where the nation’s or local taxes and duties are waived off on each product sold to the travellers who take these products out of the ...

Changing retail landscape in India

articles | Oct, 2017

The retail industry has gone through tectonic changes over the past two decades with a slow transition from the unorganized sector to organized one. Expected growth in or...

Customer experience assessment for e-tailers

Case studies | Oct, 2017

Our client one of the largest e-tailing players in India wanted to benchmark its customer satisfaction with the competitors and understand the satisfaction across key par...

Business plan support for an internet kitchen launch in India

Case studies | Oct, 2017

Our client wanted to launch an Internet Kitchen Service in a metropolitan city in India. The broad objective of the project was to understand the market scenario for onli...

Understanding the inflection point for Online Retail 

articles | Oct, 2017

The evolution of E-commerce has taken varied paths for developed and developing nations. We benchmarked four countries (USA, UK, China and India) on their online retail p...

Due Diligence on Online Hotel Aggregator

Case studies | Oct, 2017

The project dealt with conducting due diligence on a top online hotel aggregator brand in India for an investment fund. The due diligence process includes understanding t...

Due diligence on Furniture e-tailing market in India for a PE Fund

Case studies | Oct, 2017

The client was a private equity fund who wanted to understand the furniture e-tailing market landscape in India. RedSeer helped them perform due diligence on the industry...

Distribution Network revamp for medical equipment player

Case studies | Oct, 2017

  The client was a medical equipment player based in India. The client wanted to find out the potential market size and the growth prospects for the industry over th...

Growth Strategy For A Multinational Hybrid Seeds And Pesticides Compan...

Case studies | Oct, 2017

The project was aimed at helping a multinational company dealing in hybrid seeds and pesticides develop a growth strategy based on adoption among consumers, the buying be...

Market Expansion of Automotive Industry

Case studies | Oct, 2017

  The client, a leading automotive technical textile manufacturer, wanted to assess the opportunity for 3 product categories, including automotive soft trims, and un...

Product Line Expansion for Home Appliances Player

Case studies | Oct, 2017

  Making an entry into the market space with a new product category requires a strategic planning and deep understanding of the present dynamics. A study on similar ...

Brand health check for a retail brand

Case studies | Oct, 2017

Creating a brand value is one of the key reasons for the success of any large retail brand. The brand value which the consumers perceive helps the brand in getting associ...

Market potential and perception of plant population for rice seeds

Case studies | Oct, 2017

      In recent times, the primary sector of India i.e the agriculture has been receiving a lot of development in terms of market readiness and technology ...

A Strategy to Address Adoption and Buying Behaviour of Farmers

Case studies | Oct, 2017

Agri-retail has been one of the booming areas which has witnessed popularity in the recent past on an account of the technology infiltering every sector. Market competiti...

Business Model Evaluation for a Physical Education Player

Case studies | Oct, 2017

  Physical education (PE) in the recent past has come to the forefront, especially with the increasing inclination of the masses towards fitness. The study was condu...

Government Strategy for ITIs to ensure sustainability

Case studies | Oct, 2017

The industrial sector in India is taking a great leap keeping in view the global industrial movements. Likewise, the government is taking an active interest in creations ...

Market Acceptance Study for Upcoming Models Of A Leading Passenger Veh...

Case studies | Oct, 2017

The automobile sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. With the huge manufacturing and the presence of various brands comes the need to position these vehi...

Delivery Performance Assessment Of E-tailers In India

Case studies | Oct, 2017

  Our client, one of the largest e-tailing players in India, wanted to benchmark its delivery performance with the competitors. The client also wanted to understand ...

Brand Health Measurement Of Online Food Aggregators In India

Case studies | Oct, 2017

  Consumer internet space has taken a steadfast growth in the recent times, especially with the wave of digitalisation kicking in and the internet becoming accessibl...

Business Model Evaluation And Future Roadmap Development For A Portfol...

Case studies | Oct, 2017

Private Equity funds and VCs have taken a great initiative in shaping major businesses in and around the nation. Funds take great interest in contributing and collaborati...

Assessing The Success Mantras Of Hotel Aggregator Models In India

Case studies | Oct, 2017

  Indian hospitality sector is beginning to witness some unprecedented growth from the time new hoteling models have disrupted the whole conventional scenario. An an...

Lending Market And Target Segment Assessment

Case studies | Sep, 2017

The MSME sector has rightly been denominated as the engine of growth for the Indian economy. Its recent development as a potential business investing ground from home and...

3PL Benchmark Assessment

Case studies | Sep, 2017

Buy Full Report Over the last decade with the internet boom taking place and more e-commerce and e-tail services coming up, the role of Third Party Logistics(3PL) has bec...

Due Diligence On Child Care Omni Channel Retailer

Case studies | Sep, 2017

Modern consumer habits of the Indian consumers have graduated to a level that was difficult to formulate a few years back. Complex processes like Omnichannel have reshape...

Market sizing and opportunity assessment for a leading Consumer goods ...

Case studies | Aug, 2017

Kitchen cabinet market has erupted as a successful division of the home furniture segment in India. Gone are the days when kitchen remodelling used to be a concept only l...

Changing Retail Landscape: Volume-2

reports | Aug, 2017

Market dynamics is clearly against the pureplay online players as they would be ending up, opening offline stores

The success of online cab aggregators

articles | Jun, 2017

The growing on-demand economy has led to the development of Taxi-aggregator firms that have changed the way people view commuting within a city. Uber, and Ola are perceiv...

Online Hotel Booking Consumer Journey

articles | May, 2017

This document covers the journey of consumers with online hotel aggregators covering their source of awareness and split of online bookings. Increased usage of social med...

E-tailing in India – Q1CY’17 performance review

reports | May, 2017

This is an excerpt from the document that covers the performance of Indian E Tailing Market (Flipkart Gmv, Amazon Gmv) for Q1 Calendar Year 2017 covering it from business...

State of e-tailing in India-17

reports | Apr, 2017

Industry continued its flattish growth trajectory in Q1-CY17 as well, with just 5% y-o-y growth

Indian Mobile Wallets Market

reports | Apr, 2017

Mobile wallet transaction volume has continued to expand significantly as user base continues to expand

Online Food Delivery maintains momentum in Q1’17

reports | Apr, 2017

Overall partner satisfaction witnessed a jump of 900 bps driven by business growth prospect

Key observations on Amazon Prime

articles | Apr, 2017

Overall, lifetime registered prime members have seen growth in JFM’17 Q1’17 saw a ~20% growth in the total no: of prime members on Amazon Estimated total registered p...

Fashion e-tailing in India Q1-CY17

reports | Apr, 2017

Fashion vertical continues to contribute ~20% of the overall e-tailing market driven by end of season sales for major players in Q1’17​...

State of E-logistics in India-17

reports | Apr, 2017

After two successive quarters of growth, the Indian E-logistics market experienced a slowdown in Q1-CY17

State of the Online Cabs Market

reports | Apr, 2017

This report broadly covers the trends in Online Taxi Market in Q1 2017.

RedSeer Perspective on Online Travel market in India

articles | Mar, 2017

India, which has the world’s second fastest growing GDP, will produce one of the world’s largest high income pool Real GDP Growth(2005-2015) Indian households with an...

E-logistics market insights form OND-16

articles | Feb, 2017

This document covers insights on e-logistics market from Q4CY’16. DOWNLOAD HERE

Online Mobile selling insights from OND-16

articles | Feb, 2017

This document covers insights on online mobile sales from Q4CY’16. DOWNLOAD HERE

Fashion e-tailing insights from OND-16

articles | Feb, 2017

Overall Indian e-tailing grew to USD 14.5 Bn in 2016 India E-Tailing Internet Market-in USD Billions Breakout year for sector Flipkart crosses USD 1 bn GMV Amazon, Snapde...

Fashion e-tailing – 2016 year end performance review

reports | Feb, 2017

This is an excerpt from the document that covers the performance of Indian Fashion E Tailing Business Models for the year 2016 covering it from business metrics, consum...

Digital Media Consumption Trends

articles | Feb, 2017

This document covers a perspective on Over the Top (OTT) media content industry and how it has evolved. It also covers the recent trends and unique characteristics of Ind...

Insights on Online Food Ordering Platforms from OND-16

articles | Jan, 2017

The USD 4.2Bn Indian Food Delivery Market An introduction into the Indian online food delivery space, its evolution from 2016 to current, analysis of various business mod...

Online Insurance Market in India

articles | Jan, 2017

Online insurance market in India is expected to grow 4-times faster compared to the overall insurance market till 2020 Indian Insurance Market In USD, From Year 2013 to 2...

Indian Consumer Internet Industry – 2016 Year-end Review

articles | Jan, 2017

This document covers the review of Indian Consumer Internet industry in the year 2016, summarizing the performance of the key sectors including e-tailing, cab aggregators...

How was 2016 for the Indian e-tailing industry?

articles | Jan, 2017

2016- A stumbling block year? 2016 for e-tailing will be at best remembered as the speed-breaker year. The industry GMV, which was growing at an annualized triple digit r...

Amazon IHS Program – Disrupting the last mile of e-commerce logi...

articles | Jan, 2017

The challenge In spite of increasing deployment of technologies over the last few years, the Indian online e-commerce industry continues to face trouble on multiple metri...

Indian Fashion e-tailing Insights

articles | Jan, 2017

The Indian e-tailing industry is looking up after three quarters of slump Indian E-tailing Industry Annualized GMV Run Rate Growth (For The Quarter, Pre-cancellation , US...

Impact of Demonitization on MSMEs

articles | Jan, 2017

This document covers a perspective on the impact of Demonitization on MSMEs. DOWNLOAD HERE

E-seller financing needs in India

articles | Dec, 2016

This document covers a perspective on the financing needs of the sellers of e-commerce platforms. It includes the current and unfulfilled needs of the sellers along with ...

A Perspective on Online food aggregators – OND16

articles | Dec, 2016

This document covers the performance of the food-tech industry in Q4 calendar year 2016 covering the performance of the players and consumer NPS. Foodtech Industry Perfor...

Insights on fashion e-tailing -Q4 CY16

articles | Dec, 2016

The Indian e-tailing industry is looking up after three quarters of slump Quarterly Trends in Indian E-Tailing Market Market sizes in $ billion Indian E-tailing Industry ...

E-tailing Industry Insights from Q4 CY16

articles | Dec, 2016

Buy Full Report Indian market e-tailing Trends Trend 1: Amazon is growing aggressively and has reached ~80% of Flipkart’s GMV Strong growth driven by fashion category, ...

State of E-logistics in India

reports | Dec, 2016

E-logistics industry grew moderately to ~650 Mn shipments in 2016

Mobile Wallets Market in India

reports | Dec, 2016

Indian regulation is enabling the cashless push through regulatory support

Analyst Food Report

reports | Dec, 2016

Online food delivery is expected to grow by 150% to reach USD 750 million in 2017

Fashion e-tailing in India

reports | Dec, 2016

Fashion is currently one of the biggest categories with a 22% share to the overall GM​

State of e-tailing in India

reports | Dec, 2016

Indian e-tailing GMV Performance grew to USD 14.5 Bn in 2016.

E-FMCG Market in India

reports | Dec, 2016

Online FMCG in India is very nascent- pointing to a vast growth potential

Review of online cab market in India

reports | Dec, 2016

The online cab industry grew over 3.5 times in Key Dimension terms of total completed rides in 2016

Employee Empathy in COVID

articles | Jul, 2016

Short-form content, especially video, has been a big hit in the Indian market over the last few years.

RedSeer perspective on Paytm

articles | Apr, 2016

Overall Business Volume (Mar 2016) Paytm had an average of 19.5 lac transactions per day in Mar 2016 (excluding P2P transfers or transactions that add balance to wallet G...

Health Food Drinks On A Road To Transition

reports | Jan, 2016

HFD in India was a USD 860 Million market in 2017

Oct-15 E-tailing Festive Sale Insights

articles | Oct, 2015

Study Background Objectives of the study Key points to be covered Gathering insights on multiple aspects of the festive sale period from 13th-17th of October 2015 includi...

Taking advantage of GST – Critical impact areas and implications

articles | Oct, 2015

Moving fast and being prepared for GST – A comprehensive guide for businesses to take action today to build competitive advantage in the light of GST implementation...

Rise of Consumer Businesses in India

articles | Oct, 2015

Buy Full Report This document covers the rise of consumer business in India identifying the key success stories and growth mantras. We are the leaders in the Indian consu...

RedSeer Perspective on e-seller credit needs

articles | Sep, 2015

This document covers a perspective on the credit needs of online marketplace sellers. DOWNLOAD HERE

Ola vs Uber Business Performance

articles | Jul, 2015

Ola has ~155,000 drivers in its network; more than ~120,000 or ~75% log in daily In Metros, the drivers who don’t login are often absentees who would have taken a b...

The story of Indian e-tailing, and how it is expected to evolve

articles | Jul, 2015

Buy Full Report The Gold Rush of the new age   The idea of waging a war to capture market share in a booming economy like India is not new to companies. After the li...

Why India’s Healthcare Industry Is Ripe For Disruption!

articles | Jun, 2015

The biggest disruptions in Indian B2C e-commerce systems so far have happened in the areas of “Roti, (remember the times when we had 10’s of menus stored in a drawer ...

Home Healthcare – Breaking barriers in the Indian Healthcare space

articles | Jun, 2015

Buy Full Report Healthcare services in India is still an unexploited market and the Home Healthcare market currently at a nascent state, is all set to disrupt the convent...

Commercial Due Diligence on an online furniture e-tailer

Case studies | May, 2015

A large sample consumer and supplier survey was run to identify the consumer behaviours and changes there in that would support the investor growth theses on the market....

E-tailing Market Trends

articles | Apr, 2015

In GMV run rate terms, the Indian e-tailing market reached $ 10.5 billion in size in March 2015; horizontal players captured majority of the share E-tailing market segmen...

Growth of Indian e-logistics

articles | Apr, 2015

The Indian Story for Logistics Industry Insights The Indian E-retail industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~47% to over $100 billion by 2022, 10X growth from the curr...

The e-tailing revolution in India – the road to $100 billion-2015

articles | Mar, 2015

Buy Full Report The $4.5 billion e-tailing market in India is split into horizontal and vertical players; horizontal players have captured ~80% share of the market Split ...

E-tailing – A seller Perspective

articles | Mar, 2015

Buy Full Report Led by the boom in the e-tailing industry, the number of sellers registered with leading marketplaces is expected to grow multifold Number of sellers on b...

Growth of e-tailing market in India

articles | Mar, 2015

Buy Full Report The $4.5 billion e-tailing market in India is split into horizontal and vertical players; horizontal players have captured ~80% share of the market Horizo...

E-commerce seller perspective

articles | Mar, 2015

Buy Full Report We created an in-depth questionnaire for profiling sellers across categories and understanding their behavior Key points 1. What the approximate size of y...

Emerging Markets: Bullish on Automotive sector

articles | Feb, 2015

This document is an article which covers the growth potential of the automotive sector in India and the reasons why emerging market is bullish on it. DOWNLOAD HERE...

Location Strategy For An Upcoming Chain Of Day Care Hospital

Case studies | Feb, 2015

Daycare hospitals have come up as a new breed of hospital format mushrooming in the treatment sector. The specialised services available at these centres, personal attent...

RedSeer Helped A Fortune-50 BFSI Firm To Optimize Operational Costs Of...

Case studies | Feb, 2015

Operational efficiency in recent times has become one of the major talked about issues and a huge amount of efforts are going into maintaining it. One such study was cond...

Online Cab Aggregator Market Trends

articles | Dec, 2014

The taxi market in India is estimated at $9 billion; the organized sector constitutes around ~ 6% revenue share of the overall market The taxi market in India is highly f...

Business Model Validation and Market Leadership Strategy Development

Case studies | Dec, 2014

E-commerce is one of the most blooming sectors these days and is growing at a tremendous pace. Due to the high competition in the market, customer satisfaction has become...

Attaining excellence in manufacturing operations

Case studies | Dec, 2014

Manufacturing is one of the sectors that is considered as the backbone of the economy. A robust economy is a clear indicator of a fast-growing manufacturing sector. A USD...

Organization Design for A Leading India Based Manufacturing Company

Case studies | Nov, 2014

Sales and manufacturing are the two most important factors for any industry. A leading battery company in India transitioned from sales focused to manufacturing focused, ...

Demand- Supply Gap in China Dairy Industry

Case studies | Oct, 2014

Diary is a very essential everyday consumable throughout the world. Dairy is a business established for the harvesting or processing of animal milk, mostly cows, buffaloe...

Roll-Out Strategy For Chain Of Dialysis Centres

Case studies | Oct, 2014

Dialysis is one of the first technological innovations in medicine and the only treatment that does not involve any operation or transplant and yet allows a patient with ...

Redseer Helped One of Top-3 Indian Pure-Play BPO Create Domain Experti...

Case studies | Aug, 2014

Business process outsourcing involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider. BPOs are mo...

RedSeer Helped A Top Travel Portal in Restructuring Their Monetization...

Case studies | Jul, 2014

Travel and tourism is a fast-growing vertical in India. People have started travelling for luxury lately and a lot of Indian economy is coming from tourism. Along with th...

Benchmarking the Distribution in India for a leading French major in a...

Case studies | May, 2014

  India is one of the fastest growing alcohol markets in the world. A swift increase in the urban population, a sizable middle-class population with rising spending ...

Landscaping And Opportunity Scoping For Retail Stores For Food

Case studies | May, 2014

Grocery in the most important day to day necessity of every household. Every family needs an adequate amount of grocery every day for survival. Starting from small kirana...

Digital Healthcare – Next frontiers for demand

articles | Mar, 2014

This document is an article which covers insights on the Indian Healthcare Industry. Executive Summary The healthcare market is exceeding global benchmarks in large Indi...

Feasibility Analysis and Modeller

Case studies | Mar, 2014

Redseer created a Feasibility Analysis Modeler for a large hospital chain. It has been designed as per the functionality procedures of the hospitals. This modeller can he...

Home Automation in India – Deep dive into the future trends of the m...

reports | Dec, 2013

The home automation market in India is expected to reach INR 8800 crore by 2017

Indian Dental Market – An overview

articles | Nov, 2013

This document is an article which covers insights on the Indian Dental Market comparing its growth with global markets and identifying the market share of the key players...

Delhi Radiology Market – Market Overview

Case studies | Nov, 2013

Healthcare market is seeing a sharp growth in many sectors, one of which is radiology (X-rays, MRI, CT-Scans, Ultrasound, Mammography and Dexa are covered in the radiolog...

USD 250 M Investment Due-Diligence for A Power Plant Project

Case studies | Sep, 2013

A power plant is an industrial facility used to generate electric power with the help of other energy sources or generators which converts different energy sources into e...

eBooks adoption trends in India

articles | Jun, 2013

This document assesses the growth trend of ebooks across the globe along with identifying the key factors driving the growth. It then covers the growth and its factors in...

Indian Construction Equipment market overview

articles | Jun, 2013

This document is an article which covers the growth in sales of construction equipment, highlighting the emerging market forces in India. DOWNLOAD HERE...

Healthcare Delivery in India – RedSeer Perspective

articles | Jun, 2012

This document is an article which covers insights on healthcare delivery in India covering the market size, factors affecting the industry and emerging models of private ...

Commercial Due Diligence in Online Supplemental Education Market in T1...

Case studies | May, 2012

With technology taking over the world, even education has become tech-friendly. With numerous courses and texts online, knowledge is just a click away. But along with e-c...

India: Mecca Of Small Car Design

articles | Apr, 2012

As the world is moving towards the green initiative, fuel-efficient cars are picking up in global market. Apart from being environment friendly, fuel efficient and easy t...

Traffic Safety Market

reports | Dec, 2010

Indian Traffic Safety Market is Pegged at USD 99 Million

Personal Protective Equipment

reports | Dec, 2010

Indian PPE market is estimated to be at INR 7800 million

Advanced Wound Care Market (AWC) In India

reports | Dec, 2010

Indian healthcare sector is expected to create an additional opportunity of ~ USD 40 billion in next 4 years

Apollo hospitals – Internationalization Strategy

articles | May, 2010

Apollo Hospitals started as the first corporate hospital of India, has grown remarkably.   First super-specialty Hospital in India –Early 1980s –  -1983 Dr....

France Telecom Health Care Initiative

Case studies | Feb, 2010

The client, a multinational telecommunications player based in France, Orange, wanted to enter the digital healthcare space through its healthcare division, Orange Health...

India Battery Market Overview

reports | Dec, 2008

DOWNLOAD HERE Anil Kumar CEO   Ujjwal Chaudhry associate director   AGENDA There is an increasing demand of energy in India The INR 224 billion Indian battery market is...