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Pakistan E-com is now on Boom Alert

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Fueled by recent funding, the Pakistan digital landscape is now set to take of as players storm the market

The UAE Pre-owned market is the new market

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Buying is seen as a better value-added proposition especially for home and electronics sectors where the estimated duration of use can be higher....

Unwrapping Ramadan 2022 Recap – Above All Years

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Celebrations will drive Ramadan purchases and Grocery, Fashion key sectors that will see spike in demand

MENAT Retail; The Double Crest Wave

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Ramadan days are expected to see 23% shoot up in sale

3 Themes to Look out for in 2022

newsletters | Jan, 2022

These supply and demand trends have placed the Direct to consumer (D2C) channel on a pedestal of growth and this segment already accounts for ~15% of online retail in key...