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Growth Strategies

Growth strategy is imperatively linked to the choices we make on the opportunity prioritisation and how we tackle them. We essentially follow this two fold approach- qualifying the opportunity and creating a roadmap to tackle it. With our grounds up approach and use of right industry benchmarks our recommendations are simple to understand, actionable and high of measurable impact.

Over the last decade, we have advised clients across following segments of growth:

  1. Go To Market
  2. Marketing & Communication
  3. Micro Market
  4. New Product Development
  5. Sales & Distribution Strategy
  6. M&A

Digital Strategies

We help clients understand the impact of digital on their business and create a transformation strategy around it. Our work spans the internet companies to the traditional verticals. Our approach is to create a Digital mindset for the companies, which is self-evolving and gives enduring results.

Redseer advises clients across all functions of digital strategies like-

  1. Digital Strategy
  2. Digital Readiness Index
  3. Market Strategies

Customer Strategy

One of the aspirations of every business is to provide value to the customer. Today many organizations find that they no longer understand the needs of their customers. Demographics have shifted and the mass adoption of new digital technologies means that customers’ expectations have changed and brand loyalty has declined. Old approaches no longer work. To succeed in today’s markets, businesses must reimagine the products, services, and experiences they provide to consumers and migrate to truly customer-centric businesses.

We offer following customer research and advisory services:

  1. Customer Acquisition
  2. Customer Value Creation
  3. Customer Experience

Cost & Process Optimisation

Cost and process optimization is to identify cost drivers and understand the business process of an organization in order to get better control over the key process. Redseer works with clients to increase business value through optimizing costs and processes.

Our expertise includes the following:

  1. Productivity Enhancement
  2. Organizational Structure Optimization
  3. Outsourcing, Centralization and Relocation of business units
  4. KPI and SOPs.

Capital Raise

Redseer advises corporates (traditional and new-age) in raising capital. Our network of experienced professionals and expertise with private equity & institutional investors gives us the advantage to offer services like sector narratives, creating a pitch deck, etc. for corporates.

Redseer advises its clients in services like –

  1. Public listing prospectus
  2. Due Dilgence

Impact Delivered





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