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Creating actionable thought process and measurable results

Growth strategy is imperatively linked to the choices we make on the opportunity prioritisation and how we tackle them. We essentially follow this two fold approach- qualifying the opportunity and creating a roadmap to tackle it. With our grounds up approach and use of right industry benchmarks our recommendations are simple to understand, actionable and high of measurable impact.

Feasibility Studies

It all begins with taking the first step around the feasibility. Our feasibility studies are essential dipstick test to understand the size of opportunity and readiness of business model. We take research heavy approach which is loaded with case studies and industry data to educate companies on the opportunities. The findings are delivered in a workshop environment to get a 360 degree view of opportunity and wider stakeholder buy-in.

New product Entry

Product extension is a question which revolves around how to leverage the existing customer base, supply chain, sales capability or the manufacturing/R&D capability. It’s important to neatly size the opportunity and peg it against the capabilities of the company. Companies need to take a zoom-in and zoom-out approach and estimate the RoI on short to long term. And compare it with the RoI in existing business. Backed by our experience of executing 100s of such engagement we help companies taken a fine call on the product augmentation.

New Market Entry

Challenges of new market entry are not as much about sizing the opportunity as they are about qualifying the opportunity and how to tackle the execution-related issues. We take a customised grounds up approach along with the close workings with market experts. Our approach is to give a thorough view of the challenges and threats along with opportunity and help companies plan their resource allocation accordingly. At the back of 500+ strategy engagements, we understand what it takes to deliver in new markets.

New Customer Segment Identification

Expanding to new customer base involves truly understanding the needs of the new segment. And further understanding whether this new segment is aligned with existing categories or it needs an additive approach on customer reach out. Further, whether the size and effort of following the new base are worth allocating the resources or company is better off with following the existing set. These key questions can be answered through a deep understanding of deep understanding of customer buying behaviour along with a precise sizing exercise.