Nov, 2019     

A look at the Budget Hotel space and the Digital Book Keeping apps.

Budget and Mid Market hotels will continue to dominate India’s lodging space

Published on: Nov 2019

  • Travellers are gradually shifting towards experiential and adventurous stays which are offered by homestays and hostels
  • Expected to witness the highest growth

Digital book-keeping apps have managed to gain strong adoption and regular usage amongst SMEs

  • New age book keeping apps are seeing daily usage amongst large chunk of their user base- indicating increasing comfort
  • A significant chunk of app users are having more than 50% of all their transactions recorded on the book-keeping apps, indicating high utility/value provided to the users

Foodtech in India- Average AOVs falling for aggregators driven by single-serve affordable meals

  • This shift is driven by flat priced meals and affordable single-serve meals (priced INR 80-150), as their business contribution is increasing:

SEA Perspective: Social commerce plays a big role in Vietnam online retail market, which is also heavily dependent on Hanoi and HCMC

  • 65% of all online retail orders were on social commerce in 2018
  • Formal e-tailers have been able to drive e-tailing demand beyond HCMC and Hanoi, driven by superior supply chain coverage and delivery speeds