It’s never easy to accept the fact that we can’t excel at everything. However, as hard as it may be to swallow, the truth remains: you aren’t good at everything. Being on a path to success, you may often find yourself with an attitude to take on more than you can handle. But the hard truth is no one is good at everything. Then why do we persist in trying to do it all, including tasks that aren’t our forte, especially when starting out? 

Well, the answer is simple, we believe we have to do it all ourselves. 

However, if you truly want to be at your best and increase your chances of success, here are the two fundamental steps process for achieving it all.  

  1. Unveiling innate abilities: Discovering your natural gifts 

Start by considering the tasks you enjoy the most. More often than not, the things we enjoy are aligned with our natural abilities. What activities make you feel invigorated? What comes effortlessly to you? It’s rare to find pleasure in activities that expose our weaknesses. 

For example, one of the greatest joys in your work might be communicating with seniors or experienced employees. Whether it’s speaking of career choice or guidance for some project-related issue, engaging with others may fill you with a sense of fulfilment. It’s something you couldn’t delegate to someone else on your team because you genuinely love doing it. 

While on a personal level, you might be passionate about decorating your house with beautiful plants. Then you take delight in every aspect of it, including tasks as simple as watering them regularly. While many may consider the maintenance of plants a chore, you find joy in the process.  

Similarly, in your business and personal life, it’s crucial to identify the tasks you genuinely enjoy. Invest the majority of your time and energy in those activities that align with your strengths. 

  1. Embrace Support: Collaborate for success 

This step is the key to freeing yourself from the burden of doing everything alone. It not only allows you to focus on your strengths but also opens up space for personal growth. 

Think about the items on your to-do list that you dread, struggle with, or drain your energy. These are the tasks that you neither enjoy nor excel at. For such responsibilities, it’s essential to find someone who can assist you. Seek out individuals who possess the skills and expertise that you lack. It could be a family member, a friend with a specific skill set, or even outsourcing to professionals. 

Tasks like cleaning your house, filing taxes, or mowing the lawn can be delegated or outsourced to someone else. If cost is a concern, consider how you can make use of that freed-up time to generate income that covers the expense.  

By focusing on your strengths and seeking support in areas where you lack expertise, you not only enhance the excellence of your business but also ensure sustained motivation for the long run. 

So, here’s a challenge for you: take one task off your plate this week, something you don’t enjoy or excel at. Remember, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Instead, you can allocate more time to what you love and delegate the rest. Embrace your strengths, and you’ll witness the transformative 


  • Deepti is a marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in the internet space. She excels in brand building and harnessing new-age media channels for driving revenue objectives.