1. 1 in 4 UAE Consumers have purchased/rented products online; Pre-owned users are heavy digital service users

Note(s): Which of the following digital activities have you conducted in the [past 6 months? 

Consumers have identified pre-owned goods marketplaces as a very attractive prospect given the discounts that they offer along with sustainability and luxury market access as the key motives for buying. 

Beyond pre-owned goods, UAE consumers now exhibit higher levels of digital maturity as nearly 85% engage in online shopping. 

2. Automobile renting/buying is highest among pre-owned product users; Fashion and Electronics are also common

Note(s): Which of the following sectors are you planning to purchase/rent through a second-hand/rented product platform in the future? 

Automobiles are by far the most adopted category with the overwhelming majority of pre-owned users covering their transport needs from this market. Both Electronics and fashion (Including Jewelry, and designer accessories) have healthy 70+ adoption levels. 

3. Online websites dedicated to pre-owned items are the most popular channel; Social commerce echoes very well within this demographic.

Note(s): Which of the following channels do you use to purchase/rent pre-owned items? 

The channel most selected by pre-owned consumers is that of dedicated marketplaces online. This includes platforms that specialize in pre-owned luxury fashion items such as handbags, watches, and auto-related channels. 

Social commerce which is a relatively rapidly growing commerce model is vastly common among this key demographic with nearly 70% adoption. 

4. Outright buying is generally more common, but renting is also emerging

Note(s): Which of the following sectors are you planning to purchase/rent through a second-hand/rented platform in the future? 

Consumers have shown a preference for buying as opposed to renting across the board. Buying is seen as a better value-added proposition especially for home and electronics sectors where the estimated duration of use can be higher. However, renting also has a critical mass with more than 40% adoption. 


  • Sandeep is the Partner of Redseer Strategy Consultants looking at the Middle East and Africa. He has 13+ years of experience in consulting and technology.