eB2B platforms have driven high awareness in their target segments, with high willingness to use the platforms as well

Published on: Dec 2019

eB2B players have driven significantly strong awareness for their offerings, via both organic and inorganic approaches. And this has led to a high share of ‘willing to use’ users as well, which bodes well for the next stage of sector growth/user adoption.

eB2B platforms add strong value to sellers- especially across areas wider market reach, ops enablement and logistics support

Typical reasons for users to use eB2B platforms are to solve some of the challenges which users face in traditional retail. Especially on the lack of timely deliveries and time spent in searching for buyers. eB2B platforms also appear attractive for users for the support provided by them in operations management

Driven by the benefits experienced by users, NPS for ‘eB2B platforms’ is the highest among available sourcing channels

eB2B platforms have especially proven a very strong value prop in the ‘buy’ use case for retailers- as indicated by high NPS scores vs other buying alternatives


  • Mrigank leads business research and strategy engagements for leading internet sector corporates at Redseer Strategy Consultants. He has developed multiple thought papers and is regularly quoted in media and industry circles.