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Setting Up The $300Mn+ Online Furniture Market

Published in Sep, 2019

Executive Summary

The Indian furniture market has been growing on account of newer business models and urbanization. Today, it stands at $16 Bn in size, with 15% organized and growing at a CAGR of ~15-17%.

This growth is being driven by a slew of factors.

  • Increase in Digitization and online channel sales.
  • Rising urbanization in metro and tier 1 cities.
  • Modular and solutions-based designs.
  • Increased convenience and flexibility via home delivery, customization options and experience stores.

Furthermore, online furniture has increased its share owing to experience stores & different models offered at affordable prices with good quality. In fact, the online furniture market has been growing at a CAGR of ~80-85%, dominated by Metro & Tier 1, and driven by the ease of comparing products and low prices offered.

The online furniture market is broadly divided into horizontal and vertical platforms. Between the two, while verticals were initially leading the market, horizontals have increasingly become more dominant.

This report covers sector-level insights such as online furniture market business model, Urbanclap business model, Urbanclap revenue, Pepperfry business model, Pepperfry revenue and Ikea business model, among others.