Rehabilitation is a concept widely discussed and adopted globally. This is by no means unexpected since over 15% of the world population live with a form of disability, and around 2.41 billion life with conditions that impact their functions in daily life and would benefit from rehabilitation services. Many of these needs call for rehabilitation services with technological innovation.    

On the country front, India is one of the leading medical destinations in the post-pandemic times and has constantly emphasized making the healthcare sector digital and tech-friendly. Along the same lines, rehabilitation technology has emerged as one of the promising sectors to ensure a person can regain, maintain, or improve everyday living abilities. Notably, this healthcare service has ascended in the post-pandemic world, pushing the growth of the rehab tech market, which is projected to accelerate in the next five years.    

As rehabilitation is a highly person-centred health strategy, to scale in this market, rehab-tech players need to have good control over the training & onboarding of their medical staff, as they hold the key to the quality of consumers’ experience.  

Here’s a report that speaks on how Rehab Tech is emerging as an opportunity, transforming the future of India’s healthcare sector.