The rise of Short-Form Video (SFV) platforms in India, driven by a user base of over 250 million, with a significant majority from Tier-2 cities and beyond, is reshaping the advertising landscape. Original, relatable, and non-inflammatory content has led to high user engagement, reflected in a Net Promoter Score of approximately 55%. Razor-sharp content recommendations and robust moderation standards contribute to the success of these platforms. 

Homegrown SFV platforms have found substantial traction in non-metro and semi-urban areas, offering quality regional-language content. Around 45% of Indian SFV users belong to these regions, engaging with a range of internet platforms. This trend is catalyzing digital penetration and presenting ample monetization opportunities. 

With a demographic tilt towards users below 25 years (64%), SFV platforms are becoming influential channels for advertisers. 

Unearthing a seismic transformation in digital advertising, our latest report unveils the astonishing rise of Short-Form Video (SFV) platforms in India. With a colossal user base of 250+ million, predominantly from Tier-2 cities, this phenomenon is rewriting the rules of engagement. Discover the secrets to skyrocketing user engagement, content relevance, and the power of influencers. 

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