India’s fragmented retail market of over 13 million General Trade (GT) stores or the local kirana stores will continue to drive retail for the next decade. The eB2B market stood at $5 Bn in 2021 and could touch $100 billion GMV by 2030.

Although India’s general trade is vast, it is plagued by several challenges, such as a lack of transparency, low-quality brands, lesser brand penetration into tier-2 markets and high prices. eB2B players are at the helm to streamline operations and solve supply chain challenges for local retailers.

GT retailers have pinned their hopes on eB2B platforms to effectively resolve their pain points and are increasing their spending on eB2B over other channels. Through strong value creation for both brands as well as retailers, eB2B players can significantly alter India’s retail landscape by 2030 and, in the process, create a sizeable thriving business for themselves. Download the full report on how eB2B players can cash in on the digital kirana dukaan opportunities.