The unorganized retail market is the most dominant and popular mode of retailing and purchase destination for the majority of India’s 1.3 billion population. As far as global trade stands, India holds the most share in general trade when compared to developed nations including the US and the UK. It also has a huge Tier 2 market with 8k+ towns and 665k villages. But despite being so vast, it is not without its pain point, such as higher prices, lack of transparency, no credit and pay-later options, less variety of brands, and low-quality products.  

While it is at an early stage right now, given low adoption in lower city tiers and small stores, eB2B is emerging as a strong digital procurement solution. Retailers, brands and manufacturers have realized eB2B market’s potential and are betting on it to shape the way they do business.  

Here is a report decoding the eB2B opportunities in India.