Diabetes is a complex chronic disease affecting the human body’s usage of glucose which is a vital source of energy. Today, excessive consumption of high-calorie foods is giving fuel to the disease. India consists of a huge diabetic population where the lifestyle of the people is one of the prime reasons for the chronic disease burden. 

For a major population, the expenses in the diabetes care market can sum up to great amounts making it difficult to be accessible and affordable. Since the disease relates to the reaction different food items have on the human body which would vary from person to person, a need for personalized diabetes care solutions has been created. Thankfully, more diabetes-focused tech businesses are developing solutions to lessen the challenges of this chronic disease, however, the players for the same in the market are still limited.  

This report explores the way forward for India’s diabetic market including the need for better health care solutions in India and the players that are already offering it.