KSA’s economy has witnessed the fastest GDP growth rate during the 2021-22 period, driven by pro-business reforms and rising oil prices. Continuous improvement in ease of doing business, social and economic liberalization, and initiatives to attract talent and global businesses will pave the way for future growth.

KSA has a thriving tech enabler ecosystem with a home to 60+ fintech startups and over 10 Mn IoT connections, actively participating in emerging digital technologies. Within KSA, despite the rapidly evolving digital landscape, numerous sectors still hold vast untapped potential and significant opportunities for growth. This underscores the necessity for robust, localized businesses to confront region-specific challenges. With its impressive spending capacity, well-established infrastructure, and unwavering government backing, the KSA offers an ideal groundwork for developing and implementing effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of the region.

KSA ecosystem is vibrant with a balance between local talent, government support, international investors, and partnerships. Its digital economy is poised to be a major driver of diversification, providing a ~25% boost to GDP growth. It is expected to emerge as the mecca of unicorns in the MENA.