The Indian grocery market, which was previously dominated by unorganized ‘Kirana’ stores, has seen a shift with over 95% market share. Organized online and brick-and-mortar channels have become more popular in the past ten years. With COVID-19 tailwinds, the online grocery business in particular saw a boom that saw major players see their GMV run-rate growth reach over 70%. Prominent internet platforms and corporations have taken notice of this trend. The market prospered during the pandemic despite early lockdown difficulties, particularly in fresh produce (growing at a rate of 144%), and FMCG products (150% growth). Even though some growth might stabilize after COVID, a sizable percentage of new users are anticipated to stick around and fuel further growth.

This Comprehensive report explores consumer insights, industry trends, and particular categories like home utilities, beverages, snacks & packaged foods, and personal care. It provides insights into different sub-categories and displays quarterly sales growth over the previous five quarters.