The objective was to help a multi-national transport company to assess overall customer behavior on ride hailing platforms in Perth and benchmark major players from a customer perspective.
As a part of study, we followed 4 step plans. The first step was the segmentation of Perth into 4 main micro-markets. The next step was to Classify the customers into cohorts based on their income and frequency of usage. The next step was the Deep-dive study of customers to understand their behavior & experience and benchmarking different players basis the same. The last step was collecting driver insights on various platforms & their experience on the same, including their unit economics, switching behavior & satisfaction.
At the end of study, were able to provide client the Insights on customer behavior of Perth in terms of reasons for choosing ride-hailing platforms, use-case, decision making criteria, ownership of car, deal-seeking, platform loyalty and frequency of usage, Competitive benchmarking basis user awareness of platforms & user experience on platforms, driver insights on experience on the platform.