RedSeer Middle East (RedseerME) is a part of the RedSeer Consulting (RSC) group covering Middle East and Africa. RedseerME operates out of its office in Dubai, in partnership with its extended team members across the region. RedseerME’s strong local network connect as well as its access to Redseer’s decade-plus Consumer Internet IP have enabled it to provide actionable insights to its client partners. We have worked with local governments, digital regulators, digital investors across industries spanning, retail, food, consumer internet, telecom, hospitality, public sector and travel among others.

The entity also derives meaningful support from the group’s partnership with OC&C Strategy Consultants. Over the last few years, RedseerME has been able to assist many new-age companies through research-backed advisory.


RedseerME focuses on new-economy sectors with a skew towards Consumer Internet domains. Its Integrated Research Approach* provides high-grade insights, which feed into its consulting offerings. These offerings play an important role in shaping the tactical and strategic plans of various stakeholders in the new-economy sectors.

We have delivered over 500 engagements in new-age sectors across verticals in Middle East and Africa. Our work spans across -

  • Feasibility Assessments to make Go/No-Go decisions for corporates and entrepreneurs
  • Due Diligence exercises for funds to support in investments
  • Market Assessment to assist strategic decisions and GTM
  • Voice of Customer studies to build customer-facing strategies

*Integrated Research Capability (IRA) – RedseerME secures primary insights from multiple input sources which include Online/Offline Surveys, Data Analytics, Mystery Shopping, Crowd Sourcing etc.



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MENAP eB2B: USD 10 Bn opportunity unfolding

Published in | Oct, 2021

The USD 1 Bn eB2B market is setting itself up for explosive growth with penetration levels

eB2B Trucking 101: Massive opportunity lies largely untouched

Published in | Sep, 2021

B2B trucking across the MENATP region is a massive USD 80 Bn market

Understanding CPaaS: Softbank’s First Saudi Investment

Published in | Sep, 2021

CPaaS could represent a USD 5 Bn+ opportunity in MENA by 2030

The Revival of Tourism

Published in | Sep, 2021

We expect the sector to multiply 4x from 2020 levels to represent a USD 165 Bn market by 2025

The Rise of Conversational commerce

Published in | Sep, 2021

Time spent on digital media has shot up over the last 1-2 years; social media & Messaging is the most consumed channel.

Digital Economy : Fintech leads in Growth

Published in | Aug, 2021

With 1 in 4 deals being in the fintech space and pulling nearly 30% of all the funding raised, the sector is poised for strong activity with the new liquidity

MEA: Dissecting the $2bn Funding upsurge

Published in | Aug, 2021

MEA investments surged to USD 2.1 Bn YTD in 2021, already ~2x of last year

Black Friday 2021 – Looking Beyond Discounts

Published in | Aug, 2021

More than 95% of consumers plan to use some digital channel for product discovery this Black Friday.

Digital Economy : Fintech leads in Growth

Published in | Aug, 2021

Insurtech and Lending growth is expected to be ~5 times higher in future


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