RedSeer Middle East (RedseerME) is a part of the RedSeer Consulting (RSC) group covering Middle East and Africa. RedseerME operates out of its office in Dubai, in partnership with its extended team members across the region. RedseerME’s strong local network connect as well as its access to Redseer’s decade-plus Consumer Internet IP have enabled it to provide actionable insights to its client partners. We have worked with local governments, digital regulators, digital investors across industries spanning, retail, food, consumer internet, telecom, hospitality, public sector and travel among others.

The entity also derives meaningful support from the group’s partnership with OC&C Strategy Consultants. Over the last few years, RedseerME has been able to assist many new-age companies through research-backed advisory.


RedseerME focuses on new-economy sectors with a skew towards Consumer Internet domains. Its Integrated Research Approach* provides high-grade insights, which feed into its consulting offerings. These offerings play an important role in shaping the tactical and strategic plans of various stakeholders in the new-economy sectors.

We have delivered over 500 engagements in new-age sectors across verticals in Middle East and Africa. Our work spans across -

  • Feasibility Assessments to make Go/No-Go decisions for corporates and entrepreneurs
  • Due Diligence exercises for funds to support in investments
  • Market Assessment to assist strategic decisions and GTM
  • Voice of Customer studies to build customer-facing strategies

*Integrated Research Capability (IRA) – RedseerME secures primary insights from multiple input sources which include Online/Offline Surveys, Data Analytics, Mystery Shopping, Crowd Sourcing etc.



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E-tailing: What has 2022 taught us thus far?

Published in | Jun, 2022

The creator economy rose to even greater feats in 2022 and will account for a much larger slice of the marketing pie by end of 2022.

The Impending Online Upsurge in CPG KSA

Published in | Jun, 2022

~18 Mn online CPG users by 2025 representing 90% of online shoppers

Luxury Retail: Online opening new horizons

Published in | Jun, 2022

Creators are now playing an equally important role compared to celebrities as the content is more relatable and the format is more engaging

MENA Gaming: The Golden Era is Here

Published in | Jun, 2022

MENA Gaming to exceed $5 Bn by 2025; KSA and UAE leading growth levels.

UAE Luxury Retail – Strong Tailwinds at play

Published in | May, 2022

Online channel has increased in prominence and now makes up ~20% of luxury sales in UAE currently influencing more than 90%

Unwrapping Ramadan 2022

Published in | Mar, 2022

Ramadan is a $6.2 Bn online sales event in MENA. Festive periods account for ~40% of annual e-tail in MENA.

MENAP Digital Economy to cross $100B this year; $20bn investment needed to unlock 7x growth

Published in | Mar, 2022

The MENAP Digital Economy will multiply 7x by 2030; this will require a funding of ~$20 Bn in the coming 2-3 years

D2C channel to represent 12% of MENA e-tail, as early as 2023!

Published in | Mar, 2022

Consumers express high interest to explore new brands across sectors, driving adoption of Digitally native brands (DNB) 

Our MENA Dark Kitchen estimates revised upwards – a $2 Bn+ opportunity by 2025!

Published in | Mar, 2022

Dark Kitchens would account for 13%+ of the FoodTech market in 2025 the penetration would be significantly higher in UAE & KSA


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