May, 2012     

Commercial Due Diligence in Online Supplemental Education Market in T1 and T2 cities

With technology taking over the world, even education has become tech-friendly. With numerous courses and texts online, knowledge is just a click away. But along with e-courses, there are individuals who still prefer their children learn via the traditional methods. Many firms have started offering online courses and certifications along with it and the competition is growing at a very fast pace. This document is a case study that highlights how we assessed the performance and growth of the ed-tech market for a VC firm looking to invest in an online supplemental education player.

In this study, we had to first determine the online education market size, growth drivers, and trends in the current industry. A comparison between Online Vs Offline Supplemental Education market in Metros and T1 cities was done and the perception, satisfaction of the key stakeholders including Parents, Students, and Teachers were mapped.

After taking the key objectives into account, our team of analysts conducted in-depth interviews with Parents and Teachers across Metros and T1 cities to understand their preference and the reasons behind their preference. This was a very important step because they are the decision makers for the children. Also, in-depth interviews with the students were conducted across Metros and T1 cities to understand their comfort zone and adaptation capability. Our analysts were also involved in conducting Primary interviews with the Industry experts to get a better idea of the industry status and trends. Secondary Research using Online Free/Paid services, Redseer Database, etc. was done by the team simultaneously to cover the loopholes of the study.

Our analysts did an in-depth study of the data collected and analysed every aspect of the industry. The study output helped the client to understand market potential of Online Supplemental Education Market in Metros and T1 cities along with the advantages and disadvantages. The client was able to take an investment decision in the target company with the help of our analysis.