The objective was to design the Go to market strategy & business model and recommend partnership opportunities in EdTech content reselling

RedSeer took a three step approach to solve for the client.

Step 1: We organized a working session and brainstormed with the client to align on the objective, their aspirations for EdTech to assess the vernacular opportunity for EdTech in India and landscape the competition & the value propositions offered by each player.

Step 2: We conducted 2000+ student and parents survey and 100+ supplementary education providers interviews in India to build the customer persona (who they are, EdTech consumption behavior, acquisition strategy, pricing etc.) and understanding the nature of the digital content library which the EdTech platform should offer

Step 3: We conducted 50+ in-depth discussions with EdTech platforms to identify key partners in EdTech for the client to become resellers of content. We assessed the potential partnership opportunities and shared a detailed listing with the client.

The synthesized output provided a comprehensive GTM strategy package in-sync with market reality including but not limited to business model, pricing strategy, customer acquisition, revenue projection and content library.



  • Aditya Agrawal holds 14 years of experience in consulting, marketing, management, and growth strategy. At Redseer Strategy Consultants he steers the consulting business on emerging sectors.