India is one of the largest consumers of alcohol and remains one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The increasing adoption of pub and cocktail culture among the urban population has enhanced the demand for alcoholic beverages in the country, propelling the market. However, figuring out the right products and the right channels that appeal to the India market is the key to success.   


A leading French alcoholic beverage producer put forward a request to Redseer Strategy Consultants to establish a benchmark for its Indian operation distribution network in 6 major cities. We were asked to look into industry insights, hear from thought leaders, discover the latest food service, and the trends in the Indian marketplace to be able to articulate and deliver a compelling proposition to targeted partners.  


With a focus to identify and eliminate the challenges posed by the Indian alcohol market attracting global manufacturers and retailers, the Redseer team evaluated the on-field surveys that were conducted across different cities. Indian population behavioral change is reflected in their purchase choices due to increasing international travels and exposure to foreign brands.  

Further, held interactions with retailers to acknowledge bold measures taken to see the impact of the policy changes on sales and consumption of products. Here understanding the legal aspect of the market is important as a wrong policy may push consumers towards lower quality products, and illicit markets may cause health hazards and reduce revenues.  

The analysis further pointed that the alcohol industry bears the maximum brunt of political and economic ramifications.  

Considering the fact that many Indian states look towards the alcohol industry to rake in the revenue, a research model was formulated after the completion of extensive primary research covering 6 major cities, 300 retailers, and 300 restaurants.  

After acquiring the insights, it was clear that rising demand for premium and high-priced alcohol due to increasing purchasing power is further projected to propel the market growth over the forecast period in India which would act like a catalyst to the global players. 


Our extensive study and analysis helped the client crack the diverse Indian distribution network effortlessly. In simpler terms, our findings helped the client choose the right channels to launch the right products and unlock the highest possible growth. 


  • Mrigank leads business research and strategy engagements for leading internet sector corporates at Redseer Strategy Consultants. He has developed multiple thought papers and is regularly quoted in media and industry circles.