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In recent times, the primary sector of India i.e the agriculture has been receiving a lot of development in terms of market readiness and technology implementation. The study is aimed at understanding the farmers’ perception on plant population and usage of tools provided by the client for optimum yield. We have also tried to understand the farmers’ perception and potential drivers and barriers to increase plant population. An effort is being made to identify the awareness and willingness to adopt this approach. And, to understand the experience of farmers in using the plant population tool and its impact on yield realization. Estimation of the benefits of company assistance has been made.

We conducted 20+ in-depth face-to-face interviews with industry experts and spoke to 180+ farmers in UP district. This was carried out by our designated analysts who were involved not only in data collection but also interacted with the respondents/farmers enquiring them about their daily issues regarding the plantation. We also reached out to our agri-experts in UP to understand the key issues faced by the farmers.

The insights from the engagement helped the client understand the challenges faced by farmers. And, highlight how these challenges have emerged over a period. The insights were further presented to the management team for brainstorming on the population tool. Agriculture being the primary sector, a lot of views and opinions poured in to organise the procurement of necessary material for the farmers required for hassle-free farming.

The study proved out to be a path-breaking attempt in visualising the issues faced by farmers in rice plantation and farming in general and highlighted some loopholes in the process. The initiative was an attempt to familiarize the government authorities about the ground realities. And, highlight that some reforms need to be made which could revolutionize the farming process. There were also some problems regarding financing and loan procurement which were highlighted in the results of the study. Corporate banks and government financial organisations need to look into the matter and offer a helping hand and the regulations need to be relaxed so that farmers can easily get the monetary help.

Another motive of the study was to create an awareness among the farmers about the various government lending policies that are available in the system and let it reach the end users; that is the farmers. This will not only make the farmers aware of the various help that is disposable to their need by the government but also make the farmers more equipped, which would help them in the farming.

The realisation of huge potential available in the farming sector observing the huge dependency of the nation on this primary sector needs to be noticed. Great care was taken while conducting the primary research so that the farmers are comfortable and aware of the purpose of the study. We ensured that the information collected is not biased in any form and the analysis of data gave valuable insights. The whole project was instrumental in creating awareness among the general masses about the huge potential available and the opportunity that is at their doorstep. RedSeer’s deep focus on the primary information gathering was helpful in deriving great results.