The objective was to help a large fleet operator to understand and evaluate the offline cab market across India.

To start with the analysis, we followed five step plans. The idea was to estimate the overall cab market in India and which of it is offline, historical trends in overall and offline cab market growth. For the same, the first step was to Evaluate the number of active online & offline cabs across 13 cities by talking to experts across different companies, driver associations & desk research. The next step involved the estimation of the monthly revenue of cabs in each sector such as Corporate, Hotel, Outstation, Events & Schools etc. by studying the general cab ownership types, contracts between drivers & players, average distance travelled for each use-case etc. From the data gathered through first two steps we were able to arrive at the market size for 13 cities. The next step was to Evaluate the pan-India market size by taking contribution figures for the 13 cities. The final step was to Verify the supply side analysis by conducting a demand side analysis which involves determining the number of consumers in each segment and average spend per consumer.

At the end of the study, we were able to provide the Market size of overall Indian cab market segregated by organized & unorganized and online & offline, individual sectors in offline market for Pan India and 13 cities along with historic trends of the same. Driver unit economics break-down by type of sector and type of vehicle & city.