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Vietnam Logistics: Big Parcels of Opportunity

newsletters | Jan, 2022

Vietnam logistics market sees a promising growth with CAGR ~20% to 2023, with international players also eyeing to tap into this sector....

#3 Delivery Delight Index

reports | Jul, 2021

This third edition of Delivery Delight Index has unveiled how digitally native brands are providing a superlative delivery experience on the back of third-party logistics...

3PL looks at 10X growth

newsletters | Apr, 2021

The hyperlocal growing much faster 3PL volume in hyperlocal to become 10 times of its current size

How 3PLs are helping brands and retailers succeed?

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Delivery experience has taken centre stage in driving consumer NPS

Delivery Delight Index

reports | Mar, 2021

Delivery Delight Index aims to help brands and platforms to assess their relative positioning in terms of delivery experience provided and how they can improve their deli...

Who won our first logistics index?

newsletters | Dec, 2020

With the increasing growth of e-commerce, shipments are estimated to grow from 2.5 billion in FY2020 to over 10 billion by FY 25.

1/12 RedSeer Shadowfax Logistics Index

reports | Dec, 2020

eCommerce shipment volume to grow 4x in next 5 years from more than 2.5 billion shipments in FY2020, creating high demand for logistics and supply chain ...

Decoding key trends in logistics

reports | Nov, 2019

The Indian consumer internet market comprising of products and services is likely to treble to USD 200 Bn by CY22

Role of 3PLs in the e-tailing success

articles | Jan, 2018

Buy Full Report The logistic service forms the backbone of the entire e-tailing industry. Hence the biggest of the players have created their own arm to provide the best ...