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Digital Health Records – A Space Waiting to Be Disrupted

newsletters | May, 2022

HealthTech’s continuous rise in the spheres of pharma, diagnostics and consultation, together termed as eHealth by Redseer, has been remarkable...

Could Digital India Become the Leader in Global Medical Tourism?

newsletters | May, 2022

In India, the typical medical tourist journey is widely getting digitized for a better customer experience

Vietnam Consumer Internet – Firing On All Cylinders

newsletters | May, 2022

The fund-raising activity in 2021 in Vietnam has broken all previous year deal making records. 2022 continues to show a similar trajectory...

MENAP Digital Economy to cross $100B this year; $20bn investment neede...

newsletters | Mar, 2022

The MENAP Digital Economy will multiply 7x by 2030; this will require a funding of ~$20 Bn in the coming 2-3 years

Digital Media – The Road To Mainstream

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Digital media engagement is rising as consumers due to greater variety and on-demand nature of online media

Digital Payments – The Power Of Buy Now Pay Later. Part 2

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Limited access to credit in SEA coupled with COVID led acceleration in digital economy offers fertile ground for BNPL to grow in SEA...

Entertainment & Advertising | Riding the Digital Wave

reports | Oct, 2021

India's shortform space is set to be the second biggest segment in terms of time spent in the next one year after Internet mammoths like Facebook and Google....

India’s Digital Maturity- How far have we come?

newsletters | Jul, 2021

A key factor for this growing trend is the cohort of millennials and Gen Z who spend most of their time on digital platforms.

The soaring share of digital advertising

newsletters | Jul, 2021

With the increasing spend, India’s digital ad market will likely grow 10x

Takeaways from “GZ5: Internet Economy on the cusp of wave 2”

newsletters | Jul, 2021

The SEA Digital Economy is expected to multiply more than 3x in 5 years, reaching $ 365 Bn by 2025

Decode Digital Economy through our lens

newsletters | Jul, 2021

Of digital economy, online retail remains a big part which will likely touch $350B GMV by 2030

Ground Zero 5.0 – MENA Internet Economy Coming Of Age – A Recap

newsletters | Jul, 2021

MENA Digital Economy to reach new heights

Social Media Spend Goes Mainstream

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Social media now accounts for almost half of the digital advertising spend in the MENA region. We expect that in 2021, social media ad spend will overtake non-digital/tra...

SEA: Bytes On Digital Diet

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Students are the key consumer cohort with the highest digital activity followed by salaried employees and self-employed professionals...