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Galvanized by eCommerce, India’s eCommerce Logistics Sector Scaling ...

newsletters | Jun, 2022

The ecommerce logistics sector grew on the back of technology and innovation, to enable e-retail boom in India.

Unwrapping Ramadan 2022

reports | Mar, 2022

Ramadan is a $6.2 Bn online sales event in MENA. Festive periods account for ~40% of annual e-tail in MENA.

Vietnam eB2B – 10x growth waiting to be unlocked

newsletters | Mar, 2022

Vietnam's Tier I locations account for ~40% of retail market. FMCG and Fashion dominates the sector

The Emergence of Direct-to-Consumers (D2C) Opportunity

newsletters | Mar, 2022

Players have access to a mix of 3PL and captive logistics to meet their specific growth targets

Pakistan E-com is now on Boom Alert

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Fueled by recent funding, the Pakistan digital landscape is now set to take of as players storm the market

Unwrapping Ramadan 2022 Recap – Above All Years

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Celebrations will drive Ramadan purchases and Grocery, Fashion key sectors that will see spike in demand

MENAT Retail; The Double Crest Wave

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Ramadan days are expected to see 23% shoot up in sale

3 Themes to Look out for in 2022

newsletters | Jan, 2022

These supply and demand trends have placed the Direct to consumer (D2C) channel on a pedestal of growth and this segment already accounts for ~15% of online retail in key...

Quick Commerce: MENA’s Hidden Gems

newsletters | Dec, 2021

Q-commerce with sectors that already have the necessary digital infrastructure and consumer awareness in the MENA region expands the market potential for quick commerce t...

OTT Changing How We Understand Television

newsletters | Dec, 2021

OTT market has seen ~2x jump in the userbase compared to Pre-Pandemic times.

Vietnam eCommerce: Formal Platforms Gaining An Edge?

newsletters | Dec, 2021

eCommerce sector has delivered a robust ( >37%+) CAGR growth during the last three years.

Black Friday Recap: Discounts Moving Beyond Electronics

newsletters | Dec, 2021

A key trend that was alluded to coming into the Black Friday event is the further inclusion of sectors such as Beauty & Personal Care and Fashion into the promotional off...

Black Friday: The Retail Spectacle for all Ages

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Sector appeal slightly varies among the different generations with Gen Z being most inclined towards Fashion this Black Friday.

1 lakh crore is just the beginning

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Online penetration in India’s BPC market is just 8%, but the potential is immense.

Black Friday – $6Bn Online Shopping Event

reports | Oct, 2021

Black Friday is a critical event in the retail calendar in MENA. This event which was first launched by Souq (now Amazon) as a 3-day online only event has now expanded to...

96%, yes that’s how accurate were our festive sales predictions

newsletters | Oct, 2021

The Online Festive Sales of 2021 saw 23% YoY sales growth in 2021

Inside festive sale this year

newsletters | Oct, 2021

With a focus on achieving higher volume sales, sellers have announced huge discounts this festive season.

Indonesia Ecommerce: Traction builds in Livestream, Quick and Fresh Co...

newsletters | Sep, 2021

Ecommerce players have ramped up their fresh-food vertical by introducing new products and services.

Black Friday 2021 – Looking Beyond Discounts

newsletters | Aug, 2021

More than 95% of consumers plan to use some digital channel for product discovery this Black Friday.

Not just you, everybody is loving Q-commerce

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Quick commerce is estimated at USD $~0.3 Bn in CY2021 and is expected to grow 10-15x in the next 5 years, to become $5 billion by 2025...

Retail Transformation – Vertical Play

newsletters | Jul, 2021

Consumers have evolved over the years and Digital has become a strong contributor to retail sales.

MENA Q-commerce: Unlocking $20bn

newsletters | Jul, 2021

MENA Q-commerce market is expected to grow by 24% to reach $20bn as consumers continue looking for convenience and immediate gratification....

Etail Leadership – Horizontals lead but face headwinds

newsletters | Jul, 2021

Etailing Horizontals are the distinct leaders while Specialists are lagging

eCommerce Roll-Ups: On A Roll

newsletters | Jun, 2021

E-Commerce has been flourishing as an important channel for retail of consumer products across the globe and has paved way for retailers, merchants, and independent priva...

Prime Day – Amazon’s Yearly Festival of Sales

newsletters | Jun, 2021

UAE Prime Day is still in emerging phase with 140% sales increase from an ordinary day compared to 250% in US

Is the era of live commerce set to begin?

newsletters | Jun, 2021

India’s telemedicine market is currently ~INR 7K Cr. The segment is now seeing more traction as people are adopting it faster as they are reluctant to risk and physical...

Vietnam E-Commerce: Structurally Different!

newsletters | Jun, 2021

3PL dependence has remained relatively high as players optimise their in-house logistics spend.

Indonesia eCommerce: Sea Change In Small Steps

newsletters | May, 2021

Q1 succeeds the most popular, promotion-heavy quarter of the ID eCommerce Market, yet grew by 3% QoQ.

Keeping up with the consumer

newsletters | May, 2021

Q-commerce has enabled consumers to try new online categories because of its convenience thus increasing the share of wallet.

Lebaran 2021: Bright Spot For Online Sales

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Lebaran 2021 is expected to contribute USD 5+ Bn to e-tail GMV

The hit story of social commerce

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Social commerce to create opportunities for millions of resellers and suppliers in the next 5 years

Q-commerce | The Demand For Speed

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Q-commerce is a market defined by very fast delivery from local shops, restaurants, and dark stores. It is usually characterized by under 2-hour delivery....

E-Commerce Enablers: Rising Behind The Scenes

newsletters | Mar, 2021

eCommerce enablers becoming increasingly relevant and important over time

Indonesia e-Commerce: In A Sweet Spot

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Massive onboarding of new users has happened in 2020 – next 1-2 years could be spent on consolidating & maximizing potential of existing users...

How e-commerce made a comeback

newsletters | Feb, 2021

By CY25, verticals will have a significant share in fashion & grocery

A peek inside the growth of D2C & DNB brands

newsletters | Jan, 2021

D2C are brands that do >10% sales from their native platform, and DNB are brands that do >60% sales online.

2021: The year Crtl C + Ctrl V won’t work

newsletters | Jan, 2021

Social media penetration stands at 99% in UAE and 72% in KSA.

Has social commerce spread its wings this year?

newsletters | Dec, 2020

Growth of social commerce is likely to create new opportunity for millions of resellers and suppliers in next 5 years

White Friday – The Evolution of Consumer Sentiment

newsletters | Dec, 2020

An interesting factor is that an overwhelmingly large proportion of consumers believe that discounts during the white/yellow friday period are higher online than they are...

The Power of Exclusive Sales – Amazon Prime Day UAE 2020

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Consumers took advantage of the ~3000 deals on Amazon UAE during Prime Day which offered an average discount of 25-30%.

Indonesia E-Commerce 4Q20: Stellar Shopping In The Offing

newsletters | Nov, 2020

eCommerce categories all show a massive jump in GMV in Q4 2020

“Add to Cart” || Anticipations of Festive Sales in UAE

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Q4 Festive sales to reach ~$1.5 Bn at a 65% y-o-y growth rate

Indonesia e-Trucking: Licensed To Thrill

newsletters | Oct, 2020

Road transportation accounts for close to half of the transportation market by value representing a USD 50 Bn+ opportunity in 2019...

Logistics in the 2020 eCommerce Festive Season

newsletters | Oct, 2020

Basis strong shipments growth, we expect the festive sales GMV for the first event to grow 50% y-o-y over CY19 to reach $4 Bn

Indonesia Social Commerce: Turning A Corner

newsletters | Sep, 2020

Social commerce has historically been dominated by Fashion category owing to the fragmented nature of supply leading to a wide array of offerings that different sellers t...

India’s eCommerce’s #festivaloffirsts set to brighten the ...

newsletters | Sep, 2020

Driven by the massive shopper growth, we expect the festive sales for the first event to grow 50% y-o-y over CY19 to reach $4 Bn

Indonesia E-commerce: Racing Ahead

newsletters | Sep, 2020

At a macro level, GDP/Capita in Indonesia is close to 2x that of India and the retail spend is 2-2.5x that of India. The digital funnel is more evolved with highly digita...

SEA E-Commerce – Opportunity For Verticals To Emerge?

newsletters | Aug, 2020

Vertical players have faced multiple challenges in scaling up and finding the right segments to target in the face of strong competition from the much larger horizontals....

ASEAN eCommerce and Logistics: Rising to Deliver – Part 4

newsletters | Aug, 2020

Consumers also expressed strong willingness to continue using online channels for purchases in future, in a post Pandemic era. This increased demand for e-commerce will c...

ASEAN eCommerce and Logistics: Rising to Deliver – Part 3

newsletters | Jul, 2020

ASEAN eLogistics has seen massive growth, accounting for a multi-billion dollar industry in 2019 – we forecast 30-35% CAGR for the next 3-5 year horizon...

Accelerated Digitization in India Internet Post COVID- Part 2

newsletters | Jul, 2020

Contribution of E-Tailing to India Internet spiked massively as the category reached a USD 36 Bn Annualized GMV in June, +30% vs Jan....

ASEAN eCommerce and Logistics: Rising to Deliver – Part 2

newsletters | Jul, 2020

Social commerce has seen an uptick in the recent months owing to Covid-19. Lockdown measures have resulted in decreased store time and extremely low footfall in offline s...

ASEAN eCommerce and Logistics: Rising to Deliver – Part 1

newsletters | Jul, 2020

The Seller & SME based in ASEAN countries are highly active on social media platforms. They have been quick to adapt to avenues like FB and Instagram to market and sell t...

India eCommerce and Foodtech- COVID-19 Impact and Way forward

newsletters | Jun, 2020

Orders for leading Foodtech players have dropped by ~80% in the month of April owing safety concerns, WFH being implemented, junta curfews and operations stoppages and co...

Vietnam eCommerce – Leashing COVID, Unleashing 10X growth

reports | Jun, 2020

Vietnam’s Ecommerce sector to achieve 10X growth to reach US$50bn GMV during 2019-26.

Decoding India Internet post Covid-19 – A Preview

newsletters | Apr, 2020

China’s Covid-19 situation has been deescalating in early March, with many signs of gradual recovery along with rebounding consumer confidence....

What did March 2020 mean for India’s E-commerce and Hyperlocal secto...

newsletters | Mar, 2020

India’s USD ~29 Bn E-tailing market (2019 annual GMV) was significantly impacted by the lockdown in March last week, as seen by a precipitous drop in GMV/transactions f...

Change is Here to Stay

reports | May, 2019

Indian mid-market hotel industry is expected to grow at 10% to reach USD 4.4Bn by 2019

Social Commerce Market Updates

newsletters | Apr, 2019

Strong initial adoption of deal-sharing based social e-com platforms points to bright future ahead Published on: Apr 2019 The next 100 Mn online shoppers poised to come f...

The Real Impact of India’s new e-commerce Policy

articles | Jan, 2019

Buy Full Report RedSeer believes that few of recent policy changes around e-tailers will have a significant impact on the ecosystem while the impact of other changes is u...

Powered by Redseer | Flipkart and Walmart Deal

articles | Jun, 2018

Buy Full Report We are proud to have powered the largest internet event in the country. The endorsement by Walmart is a validation of our deep insights and the watch over...

Ecommerce industry in India

reports | May, 2018

With an online population of 500 mn in 2017, India has one of the fastest growing Internet population in the world. We believe a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13%...