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Consumer Internet in Indonesia

reports | Feb, 2022

Indonesia’s e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing globally and accounts for more than half of the SEA e-commerce market...

SEA Fintech Report

reports | Jan, 2022

Robust economic growth and digitally engaged consumer creates massive opportunity to drive innovation in Fintech adoption

What’s cooking in FoodTech: Part 2 – Cloud Kitchen

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Food Delivery platforms stepped up amidst this, offsetting some of the topline impact for restaurants

What’s cooking in FoodTech: Part 1 – Delivery

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Grab & Gojek dominate the market across SEA and players looking to expand services towards grocery and other allied categories to increase use cases for customer & drive ...

Vietnam eCommerce – Leashing COVID, Unleashing 10X growth

reports | Jun, 2020

Vietnam’s Ecommerce sector to achieve 10X growth to reach US$50bn GMV during 2019-26.

Vietnam etailing: Decoding growth and structure

newsletters | Nov, 2019

Vietnam formal online retail is ready for 10x growth in 6 years Published on: Nov 2019 Growth will slowly taper down as we move into the later years as 1) the digitally m...

Vietnam eLogistics: Dissecting Demand Drivers

newsletters | Oct, 2019

1. Vietnam SMEs are still early into their online retail journey;  social commerce is their typical starting point Published on: Oct 2019 A significant share of SMEs sta...

Decoding eLogistics landscape in Indonesia

newsletters | Oct, 2019

eLogistics in Indonesia expected to be ~800mn shipments (formal e-tailing sector) in 2019 Published on: Oct 2019 Driven by the growth of formal e-tail (55% y-o-y in 2019)...

Indonesia B2B Trucking: At crossroads?

newsletters | Sep, 2019

Indonesia B2B trucking is ~$32 Bn in size currently and drives the majority of B2B transport market in the country Published On: Sep 2019 Supply of trucks is significantl...