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Neobanking in India The Matrix Upgraded

reports | Apr, 2022

India retail banking is poised for disruption as neobanks look to revolutionise personal banking experience

Redseer Ground Zero 6.0 – Golden Age of India Internet | Event R...

reports | Mar, 2022

The report covers the sectors which were addressed at Ground Zero 6.0: the most recent trends, challenges, growth drivers, and the way forward within each of these sector...

Online Travel: On The Cusp Of Revival

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Travel companies have been diversifying their revenue models and have wrapped up recent funding interest

Keeping up with the consumer

newsletters | May, 2021

Q-commerce has enabled consumers to try new online categories because of its convenience thus increasing the share of wallet.

MENA Startups – Going the IPO way

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Consumer shift towards online is permanent and will drive further growth

Q-commerce | The Demand For Speed

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Q-commerce is a market defined by very fast delivery from local shops, restaurants, and dark stores. It is usually characterized by under 2-hour delivery....

Social Media Spend Goes Mainstream

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Social media now accounts for almost half of the digital advertising spend in the MENA region. We expect that in 2021, social media ad spend will overtake non-digital/tra...