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Entertainment & Advertising | Riding the Digital Wave

reports | Oct, 2021

India's shortform space is set to be the second biggest segment in terms of time spent in the next one year after Internet mammoths like Facebook and Google....

Indian Shortform video : Ready to leapfrog towards monetization?

reports | Oct, 2021

Video shopping in India is also expected to accelerate and grow to $4+ Bn by CY25 inline with trends seen in China.

The state of Shortform in India

newsletters | Sep, 2021

Total creators in India’s shorform apps are now 4x, when compared to TikTok

How are Indian shortform apps making it big?

newsletters | Aug, 2021

India’s digital ad market to become ~$10Bn by CY25

Monetizing shortform, the Tiktok way

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Social and video media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube soon followed providing consumers with new ways to interact and brands adopted those platforms for ads....

Short Form Market Updates

newsletters | May, 2021

Published on: Apr 2021 India’s shortform video apps has seen V-shaped recovery; bringing back the userbase to nearly 100% of TikTok user base levels, Published on: Dec ...

Short Form Video: ‘Short’ Cut to Success

newsletters | May, 2021

These platforms provide a shot at fame for small time content creators and are an effective channel for brands to reach the large young sub-urban/tier2+ consumer cohort...

97% of users are back | Made in India Shortform apps

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Indian apps have retained 65-70% of the Tiktok era users driven by acquisiton of influencers on these platforms as well as efforts to provide better product experience fo...