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Maximising reach and profit

We work with clients across the industries on helping them assess the potential of various channels and creating a custom high-impact channel strategy.

Sales and distribution Structure

How to prioritise on opportunities, and how much investment is justified in going after new markets. Companies struggle to optimise between the conservative approach on limited investment on sales and distribution vs. a high risk investment strategy. At the core of our approach is the ability to seize the opportunities in various pockets and understand the investment and efficacy of channels to harness the same. With our grounds up research and ability to gather industry benchmarks, we advise clients on creating a high performance sales and distribution network.

Margins & Incentive Planning

Margins and incentives are market driven and highly sensitive to the industry benchmarks. Companies which under incentivise with respect to market are at the high risk of losing the key people and infrastructure. And those who are over incentivising are draining the bottom line. This along with innovative use of technology and cross industry learning can help companies draft optimal incentive plans for their sales and marketing channels.

Omni-channel Strategy

With the advent of digital channels customers buying behaviour is segmented between the offline and online world. Depending on who is the customer, what product he is buying and what all channels he is exposed to, the channel strategy varies. We deploy vast IP of the consumer buying behaviour, understanding of various channel efficacies and industry benchmarks. Our approach integrates the digital experience with offline market, key success criteria for the omni-channels.

Sales acceleration program

While a sales focussed organisation spends a lot of time in pursuing the sales targets, a lot of them miss out on segmentation of the sales tasks. Which can further be divided into the various teams, so there is a horse for courses approach. It saves significant time for the front end sales team, by just focussing on the engagement of the client. It also helps them with a lot of background literature, making the chances of success much higher. Our sales acceleration program custom design the process to help companies achieve faster sales.