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Improvement through benchmarks

We help our clients outperform the industry through a unique and detailed view on competitive benchmarking. Our practice spans across the sector and business functions.

Service Details

Across the industry, companies want a structured view on how the competitors are tackling key business issues and what their most effective strategies are. A detailed and structured view on such benchmarks is extremely powerful to set the internal KPIs, define the best practices and hence target high growth areas with the low cost of learning. With our extensive expert network and on-ground research, we are able to create the most detailed benchmarking maps, which covers the CXO agenda items. Some of the key questions we have been answering through our competitor scan programs are:

1. How is the financial performance benchmarks look like for my industry

2. How are the competitor organisations structured and what are the best practices around them?

3. How is the incentive structure for the sales team drafted for the competitors?

4. What is the marketing strategy and efficacy of key players in my industry

5. What is the ecosystem satisfaction looking like for my key competitors?

6. What are the benchmarks around the distribution network?

7. What is the Bill of material looking like for competitor’s products? 

8. How does the compensation benchmarks look like for the industry?