Strategies through Customer understanding and business benchmarks

Our consumer goods and retail practice revolve around strong sector know-how, detailed industry benchmarks and robust on ground research. With our unique approach, we help companies identify the new consumer trends, exciting business models and high growth opportunities.


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Global Travel Retail – a booming industry

articles | Nov, 2017

Duty-free shops are retail stores where the nation’s or local taxes and duties are waived off on each product sold to the travellers who take these products out of the country. These shops are strategically placed at international airports, seaports, train stations and sometimes in downtown locales as well Fashion and accessories accounted for over … more

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Ground Zero 2 Perspectives- The Accelerated digitization of Indian Ret...

newsletters | Jul, 2020

Powered by their swift adoption of various front and backend tech, Kiranas were able to sustain their business during COVID and even reach out to a newer set of consumers with the ...

cosmetics industry

Omnichannel adoption across major retail categories in India

newsletters | Nov, 2019

1. The omnichannel adoption journey includes both experiential technologies along with basic features and restructured business models Published on: Nov 2019 Omnichannel adoption i...

cosmetics industry

Retail 3.0 : The emergence of the omnichannel

newsletters | Nov, 2019

1. Organized B&M is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% while online retail is expected to grow at a CAGR of 35% till 2022 Published on: Nov 2019 Organized retailers have gradual...

Our Belief

Our services and actionable and focused on mid to long-term solutions for the companies. We work with business leaders across the functions on key growth and optimisation problem areas:

1. Growth Strategy: We work on wide variety of growth strategy engagement from Product line extension, Geographic expansion, New Customer targeting and Horizontal and vertical integration. Our ability to work as an extended team, work on strong custom research framework and sector expertise helps in executing action high growth agenda items.

2. Digital Strategy: Our understanding of the digital impact on businesses is unparalleled. We are the most active firm working with the consumer internet ecosystem in emerging markets. Through this, we have been able to run sharp digital diagnostics programs for our customers, which is followed by drafting custom digital strategy for our clients.

3. Retail store efficiencies (for Modern and Traditional trade): We closely work with the retail stores in benchmarking their performances on the local and global scales. Which is followed by a custom research-driven approach on how to improve the store efficiencies. Our ability to bring in new age technology-based approach differentiates us.

4. Value engineering (BoM optimisation): Cost optimisation on the BoM is one of the high impact areas we work upon. Our ability to tear down the products (both physically and conceptually) benchmarks the product specification and tie them up with procurement tracks the whole value chain for a product. We have been able to optimise the cost by up to 25% for various consumer product categories.

5. Channel Strategy: We take a mid to long-term view on the importance, efficacy and the cost of sales channels. Our custom and research-centric approach are able to create the flexible models to recommend the right channel strategy for our clients. We further enhance through the digital sales strategy.

6. Buying behaviour by demography:  We have a strong on the ground, and bottoms research approach. This helps us in driving detailed customer maps for our client’s wide needs. This along with an application of appropriate statistical tools we are able to help clients understand the consumer buying behaviour.

7. Marketing Strategy: Our marketing strategy engagements cover the whole gamut of marketing activities. We do marketing planning, brand positioning, Communication strategy and Pricing and promotion strategy for our clients.


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Brand health check for a retail brand

Case studies | Oct, 2017

Creating a brand value is one of the key reasons for the success of any large retail brand. The brand value which the consumers perceive helps the brand in getting associated with ...

construction equipment market

Due Diligence On Child Care Omni Channel Retailer

Case studies | Sep, 2017

Modern consumer habits of the Indian consumers have graduated to a level that was difficult to formulate a few years back. Complex processes like Omnichannel have reshaped the reta...

construction equipment market

Market sizing and opportunity assessment for a leading Consumer goods ...

Case studies | Aug, 2017

Kitchen cabinet market has erupted as a successful division of the home furniture segment in India. Gone are the days when kitchen remodelling used to be a concept only limited...