NEWS 18: In a major expose, CNN-News18 on Wednesday unveiled popular e-commerce websites duping consumers by selling them fake goods at the price and guarantee of originals. Management and advisory firms state that online markets will forever have a certain percentage of counterfeit products.

“Perennial problem is can we make e-commerce 100% fake proof? No, that cannot happen. It has not happened in China, it will also not happen here in India in the next few years as well,” said Anil Kumar, CEO, RedSeer Management, a management and advisory firm.

A News18 investigation, on Wednesday, found that spurious manufacturers and counterfeit sellers are using loopholes in the Information Technology Act to their favour and making unaccounted money from the same. Meanwhile, online retailers are shrugging off responsibility by claiming to be intermediaries.

The investigation carried out by a team of brand investigators and News18 has revealed that more than 60% of the sports goods available online are fake. In the case of apparels, at least 40% of the listings are by duplicate manufacturers.


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