QUARTZ: India has the world’s second-largest internet user base, but Indians are hardly making use of the web.

Only 10% of the over 500 million Indians with access to the internet are savvy enough to use online services like retail, travel-booking, and food-ordering, among others, Bengaluru-based RedSeer Consulting said in a report.

RedSeer’s report is based on surveys of experts from industries like social media, mobile wallets, and food tech; interviews of over 10,000 internet users, and other research.

Nearly half the internet users have social media accounts. “A lot of credit goes to (Reliance) Jio and the JioPhone…even if I have a feature phone, I can get to WhatsApp,” said Vaibhav Arora, a consultant at RedSeer, referring to the advent of cheaper data and affordable internet-enabled phones.

“(Social media) is the step people first get involved with since it’s more of a habitual thing,” Arora added. “The difference between stage one and two is slight, but there is a section of people on Facebook and WhatsApp that doesn’t use e-mails.”



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